The Sleaze of the World

A strange story popped up in the last few days claiming that Louise Mensch, the hot young Tory Chick-lit writer, one of the MP’s who gave Murdoch (Aka Dr Magoo) a grilling last week, that she had taken drugs at an EMI event (about 10 years ago), and worse that she’d associated there with known Socialists (Gasp! I hope she didn’t catch anything!). Beeb take on it here.

Now what was strange about this was how it emerged, as the Guardian reports, it seems the story got going when a blogger associated with the Daily Telegraph confronted her with information (photos, etc.) and …hold up…did I say Daily Telegraph? Since when have they gone for sleazy tabloid stories? And aren’t they the same paper who stitched up Vince Cable a few months back and did Murdoch a big favour? And it seems strangely coincidental that a blogging freelance journalist just happens upon photos from 10 years ago, the week after Ms Mensch grilled Murdoch?…much like it seemed oddly coincidental that a similar group of freelancers for the Telegraph would ambush Vince Cable the same time he’d been given the job of looking into the BSB deal…and that David Cameron took Rupert’s minions out to lunch (“Smithers” Murdoch and “Sideshow” Brooks) a few days later…and don’t get me started on the Chris Huhme stitch up! Now I’m not say that, say Murdoch has a large pile of dirt on every politician in Westminster and leaked said info to this journalist with the hope that the Daily Telegraph and Mail could then smear her with it while claiming plausible deniability, but that’s certainly what it looks like might have happened.

Anyway, Ms Mensch has all but admitted that she probably did take drugs. Well good on her! She may be a right wing nut, but at least she’s an honest right wing nut. As I pointed out in a previous post (regarding the War on Drugs…which we’ve lost…), the vast majority of the UK population have tried drugs at some point. Hence any MP who denies ever taking any is either (a) lying or (b) lived his whole life in a gilded home counties cage and lacks the necessary real world experience to be an effective politician.

One of the key tools of control that Murdoch and other media tycoons have exerted over politicians is this belief that politicians must be “whiter than white”. That they’re aren’t allowed to do the sort of things and make the mistakes all the rest of us have made, even if they ultimately did it decades before entering politics. Aren’t people allowed to have a second chance? Turn over a new leaf? Well if you’re Murdoch’s buddy, such as George W. Bush (who went thro a phase of alcoholism and drug use, but the Murdoch press (Fox News) spun that into a positive) you can but not if you’re anyone else. We need to get over the fact that politicians are just people too and they can (and will) make mistakes. Part of the whole point of having a free press and freedom of expression is so that we can critique policies that are doomed to fail. Indeed, slight aside here, I can never understand how politicians can continue pushing a policy that they know is a bad idea simply to avoid being accused of doing a U-turn. Isn’t a person entitled to change their mind when presented with new facts and opinions?

And the irony here of course, is that these same tabloid hacks “exposing” politicians are hardly the sort of people who should be lecturing the rest of us about living clean lifestyles. Indeed they’re likely sitting there in their office writing up a story on a politician, who may have taken some small quantity of drugs back when he was twenty, while our hack snorts out of a big communal bowl of coke, while taking a drag on his splif between paragraphs. How about a random drugs test on all the employees of one or two tabloids? I suspect you’d find more booze and drugs in these lot than they found in Amy Winehouse.

And politicians need to get over this “whiter than white” issue themselves. As I pointed out in reference to Tommy Sheridan, who was caught out going into a Swingers club by the NoTW, the sensible course of action would have been for him to say “and what of it? It’s a free country?” and then sue them for breeching his privacy. Instead he and the Scottish socialists self destructed and he’s now doing porridge as a result.

I would hope that Ms Mensch gets to the bottom of who started these rumours regarding her and sues the pants of him. Of course the ideal scenario is the paper trail leads back to the Murdoch’s! That will make the next time Rupert & Co. appear before the committiee interesting!

The Phone hackers of the World

I shall presume that only those who’ve recently returned from Mars can ignore the whole saga of the current “phone hacking” affair. Over the week the papers own propaganda machine has turned in on itself. For example the paper had made a name for itself, like most tabloids, by flying the flag (a paper run and owned by Yanks and ex-convicts, i.e. Aussie’s), trying to be “patriotic” and “supporting the troops”…until it turned out they’d be hacking those very dead “heroes” phones! All the human tragedy stories they loved to run backfired when it turned out they’d been adding to the tragedy by hacking the phones of those involved and leaking private info to the public. It has now brought down a 160 year old newspaper and put in jeopardy the BSB takeover. Now let’s be clear, we ain’t loosing much. One thing that always got me about “the news of the world” is that a) it didn’t contain any actual news and b) it hardly ever mentioned the world, as the top story was usually about rumours that some WAG had a new boob job, or the usual little red ridding hood stories.

However, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there’s something bigger going on here. Why is Rebekah “sideshow” Brooks still in her job? She claims to have handed in her resignation to the Murdoch’s but it was rejected. This does not make any sense. “sideshow” Brooks was boss of the paper during the time we know this phone hacking was going on. This means one of two things, either she knew about it (in which case she should be in custody) or she was not in effective control of the company. I mean she’d walk in to work past desks while the hacks were listening away to the voice mail of 4,000 people’s phones and fail to notice anything amiss! I have this impression of “sideshow” Brooks spending her entire time in charge in the executive wash room with her fingers in her ears going “NA NA NA NA NA can’t hear you!”. In either case and in any other situation involving a scandal like this hitting a company (never mind a newspaper), it would have been a case of her being given a simple choice of resign or be sacked. And this would have happened months ago. Why has this not happened?

One obvious conclusion is that “sideshow” Brooks not been sacked because she knows something, and for the Murdoch’s to be prepared to sacrifice a 160 year old paper with a readership of 2.8 million, then whatever it is that she knows it must be something big, something that could get one of Murdoch’s spawn banged up or even bring down the whole News International empire. We could speculate on what this is until the cows come home, it could be that the Murdoch’s knew about the phone hacking or even ordered it, some skeleton in old Rupert’s closet (love child, involvement in some naughty illegal business deal, being the guy on the grassy knoll), I mean we could speculate all day and personally I’ll leave that up to the conspiracy theorists whom I’m sure are having a field day right now. The fact is that if he’s prepared to write off an entire newspaper to save one woman’s career and put in jeopardy the BSB deal, he has to have some genuine reason to save her least she get herself arrested and turn canary on him.

Now, you might say that his reasons are out of loyalty to a loyal employee…this the same Rupert Murdoch we’re talking about! He wouldn’t have made it past the post of mop boy without learning the golden rule of the corporate executive, develop survival instincts that would give a rat pause for thought and make Machiavelli’s the prince look like Gandhi. And those instincts would have meant using Mrs Brooks as a “meat shield” the instant things looked dodgy. So the very fact he is prepared to shut down newspapers to save this situation means we are probably merely seeing the tip of an iceberg emerging. Watch this space.

As for the News of the World, I suspect we’ll have the “Sunday Sun” out by next week.

Workers of the World…..divide!

It would seem “Gorgeous” George Galloway, the Celebrity Big Brother star (what was he thinking going on that show! now I can call him that, as can the media to his face and still keep a straight face), is returning to Scotland to run in the Scottish parliamentary elections, here in Glasgow no less. Well, it will at the very least make politics that bit more interesting again! If he wins, I say we make him special spokesman to the US congress, then we can be guaranteed they’ll shut up about all that Megrahi stuff.

Unfortunately, for “Gorgeous” George he has a challenger….we’ll okay there’ll be many challengers that’s the whole point of an election! labour candidates, liberal, SNP and (don’t laugh) Tory (soon to merge with the monster raving loony party….which would double they’re votes!). No, I’m referring to the fact that Gail Sheridan, wife of Tommy (Swinger) Sheridan is also running in the same constituency.

Ay…? Two socialist politicians running in the same constituency, won’t ye just dilute the vote and then neither of ye will get in? I mean okay, until recently, you could squeeze a loo roll between the policies of the three major parties and they all run against each other but for any small political group like the socialists its important to be a little smarter, and you know have a meeting and agree a “strategy” such as I’ll run in the constituency, you’ll run in that one, I’ll go on Celebrity Dancing on Ice, you’ll go on Celeb wipeout, etc. But as usual we can trust them to behave like true socialists and press the self destruct button. No doubt one will run under the banner “The Scottish Socialists People’s Front” and the other “The People’s Socialist Front of Scotland”, with some nutter running against both calling himself “The Scottish Socialists – Popular Front”.

A lot of people on the political left of the Green movement, often complain that the Green Party in Scotland are too middle of the road (i.e. they think it’s a good idea to use market economics to solve climate change) with those on the left feeling the party should “wear their red shirts under their green jersey’s”. Well if the Socialists in Scotland are anything to go by, I’d have to disagree, as inevitably it would mean the party splitting into several tiny fragments each of which could hold they’re AGM in a telephone box and the changes of getting people elected and influencing government policy would swiftly drop to nil.

I’m mean how many reading this actually take the socialists and they’re politics seriously? Come on? Anybody? And we’re in a time when the banks and the city have fecked up the economy, wallowing in a trough of our bail out money and now have an attitude “wasn’t our fault! Now stop whining and sign my bonus cheque”. This is a time when socialists should be running high in the polls, and they’re ideas at least being seriously considered, but no, they are instead looked on as little short of a laughing stock by most people. And while one can point the finger at a lot of malicious attacks by certain right wing biased newspapers, I think a certain level of blame needs to be met by the Socialists themselves and this constant back-biting, and in-fighting.

Sheridan v’s Sheridan

Well between Vince Cable being stitched up and Tommy Sheridan being done for perjury it looks like it’s a very merry Christmas for Rupert Murdoch this year.

Course lets not forget that Tommy Sheridan’s being convicted for two reasons, one he (probably)lied and secondly, cos he’s an ar$e! Of course that doesn’t make the Murdoch’s any the less of a bunch of bast$%ds themselves. The point Tommy Sheridan’s been making about the Murdoch’s having way too much power and influence is still valid though. There ought to be a law forbidding anyone from controlling any more than one media outlet (even in multiple countries). As if we don’t have enough problems with loud mouth Aussies (i.e wikifreaks)!

Even so, least we forget, the whole reason why that article about Tommy Sheridan appeared in the (don’t laugh!) News of the World (its strange how they call it that, A. there’s no actual news in it & B. it really mentions the world, top story is usually about some footballer sleeping around or something!) was to try and get a rise out of the Scottish Socialists. And how it succeeded – effectively Tommy Sheridan and the Scottish Socialist party basically self destructed as a consequence of one article in a tabloid rag. While yes, there probably was quite a bit of snooping around by the Murdoch press, who were clearly out to get the knife in and anyone who believes that the editors of the NotW (or the Murdoch’s) didn’t know about this phone tapping going on, ya sure, pull the other one! But the bulk of the damage to the SSP was done by various ego-manics within the party itself.

There’s a lot of things we can blame Rupert Murdoch for (G. Bush Junior, Fox News, Tea party, Sarah Palin, the Rise of the Machines (just you wait!)) but bringing down the SSP isn’t one of those, they managed that quite nicely by themselves. Bloody socialists! they’re their own worst enemy! Put two of them in a room for 5 minutes & they’ll form 4 different rival parties who’ll despise each other to the point where they’d both vote Tory to stop the other fella getting in.

Here’s something else from the BEEB which may give ye’s a wee giggle :DD: