Non-white racism

The other week, the home secretary Priti Racist Patel joined Farage in a competition of shouting at the sea, or more specifically the poor migrants coming over in boats. And many, both migrants and UK citizens, are getting caught in the cross fire.

Farage “discovered” a hotel being used to shelter migrants during the Covid outbreak (it was no secret, the home office is obliged by law to provide accommodation to asylum seekers, would he rather they wander around the streets during a pandemic?), in Patel’s constituency. After which, she made the home office apologise (for doing their job competently? Is this now a crime in Johnson’s government?) and then had the migrants moved, leaving both the migrants and staff at the hotel in tears (as this face saving move on Priti Racist Patel’s part will likely cost some workers their jobs).

Farage is up to his usual tricks!

Clearly this is part of Farage plot to establish a new anti-immigrant party. Of course, this invalidates most of the anti-EU arguments as regards brexit (I recall warning back 2011 that leaving the EU worsens the migrant situation, as it makes it harder to send anyone back to France). But then again when have the right been afraid of a little hypocrisy. However, it does demonstrate what a huge mistake the Tories made by pandering to Farage and allowing the brexit referendum in the first place, naively thinking it would get the bigot brigade off their back. (as well as showing how foolish it was to vote leave thinking it would tackle immigration).

Of course Priti Racist Patel’s main job is to act as cover for the Tories racist and xenophobic policies. I mean how can someone of India origin be racists? Aren’t only white people racists? Actually, no and this is a myth that needs busting. There are plenty of non-white racists. Because many of the same factors that led to racism, bigotry, sectarianism and classicism can just as easily apply to anyone, regardless of their race.

In fact, Priti Racist Patel is a good example of this. She’s descended from refugees herself (somewhat ironically) in form of the Ugandan Indians, who were expelled from Uganda to the UK by the dictator Idi Amin. Which probably explains why she’s a rabid islamapob to the point of almost parody. She was willing to leak classified information to the Israeli’s (what’s otherwise known as treason). She’s a strong supporter of India’s Modi and his racist government (well get to that) and was urging Cameron to bomb Syria because…well why not! And yes she backed brexit, because she’s anti-immigrant, because we can’t have any more people like her coming in (another classical example of right wing hyprocrisy syndrome).

And speaking of Patel, unfortunately, India is a fairly racist country, with an awful lot of discrimination. As this blog post points out, Indian racism is multi layered. There is the simple racism between those of lighter skin and darker skin (they literally have adverts on the TV in which they sell skin creams that make you look whiter!), the divide between the north and south of the country (which have very different foods and cultures), prejudice and xenopobia against foreigners (or those who look foreign), which is a particular problem if you are black. To be blunt you’ll hear the sort of racist language in India that even Trump supporters would consider to be going a bit too far.

Of course by far the biggest cause of discrimination and racial violence in India is that of religious sectarianism, with discrimination between Hindu’s and those of the lower castes, or hindu’s v’s Muslim, Buddhists and Christians. This is a country where race riots are a fairly common occurrence.

And a key factor behind all of this is the current ruling party of India, the BJP a Hindu nationalist party. They are basically the equivalent of the British National Party or the DUP (aka the old testament with fortnightly bin collections). The BJP’s main claim to fame was the destruction of a 400 year old Mosque in the 1990’s. This event provoked a massive wave of rioting across india. The riots in Mumbai alone lasted several weeks and killed nearly a thousand people. And the BJP’s plans for reconciliation? They are currently building a Hindu temple on top of the demolished mosque.

Amongst the BJP’s other antics are requiring cinema’s to play the national anthem during which all are expected to stand, or risk getting attacked by Hindu nationalists (with cases of people in wheelchairs being attacked for not standing). The banning of non-Hindu actors from Bollywood films. Or the altering of school textbooks to require the teaching of a particular Hindu branch of astrology in all schools.

Oh and yes there’s the usual anti-Covid/denial and anti-mask madness as well. Because apparently the aforementioned astrologers failed to predict Covid, so surely it can’t be actually happening. And if it is, the Muslims caused it.

Which will all probably explain why Trump has been paling around with Modi, he’s Trump’s kind of person. And he knows there’s more than a few Indians living in the US who share Modi’s racism, whom he might be able to persuade to vote for him in November.

And unfortunately, these trends in India are shared across Asia. We have for example, the recent ethnic cleansing and genocide in Myanmar, with hundreds of thousands displaced and thousands killed. The Uygur happy fun re-education concentration camps, with similar issues in Tibet. And the Thai’s have this strange obsession with Hitler, something John Oliver has covered. I think you get the picture.

And in Africa too, unfortunately we do see quite a lot of racism and sectarianism. This can be the usual conflict between religious groups, for example the Dafur conflict or in Nigeria. Then there is violence and discrimination between different ethnic groups, for example the Rwanda genocide or the ongoing issues of modern slavery in various parts of Africa.

Now it has to be said that European colonists (you know the sort of people brexiters look up to) do bare their share of the blame. They were the ones who drew arbitrary borders, which often times stuck two groups together in a country who hated each other. And then, rather than smoothing tensions they instead poked them with a stick, favouring one over the other as part of a deliberate policy of divide and rule. So colonialism is at least partially responsible for kicking a hornet’s nest. But its not like these countries were a Utopian paradise before the colonists showed up, nor have they been since then.

Then we have people who are erroneously called “self hating” racists, or internalised racism (the more polite term), in that they are racist against their own race. Good examples being Kanye West, Candice Owens or the UK government’s race relations adviser Munira Mirza. Strictly speaking the naming convention is wrong, as its not a matter of self hatred, but more a combination of narcissism, classism as well as downright selfishness and outright greed.

The wealthy, particular those in America, are all too aware of how awfully unequal and overtly racist society is. So in order to help themselves sleep at night (in the absence of HukkaPM), they perpetuate various stereotypes and engage in victim blaming. They’ll claim that poor people and minorities (or anyone subject to discrimination) are lazy, they don’t work hard enough (ignoring completely the evidence that suggests the opposite is true, many poor people work longer hours and multiple jobs). Why should my taxes pay for them to get a hand out? So if you are a member of this class and presumably a bit self absorbed, narcissistic and selfish you are likely to buy in to this propaganda, even if you are an ethnic minority, and end up going the full Uncle Tom.

This can sometimes lead to a level of overshoot, as our internalised racist knows their peer group are a fairly bigoted lot, so they try to outdo them in order to fit in (e.g. Kanye’s trying to justify slavery). If America isn’t racist, as Nikki Haley claims, why doesn’t she stand for election using her real name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. And if Britain isn’t racist why doesn’t Boris Johnson go by his real family name, Kemal? His grandfather was a Turkish immigrant who adopted the name Johnson to appear more British). He then sent his son, and later grandson (Boris), to upper class boarding schools, specifically to try and help blend in. Which immediately explains Boris and his pound shop Churchill act.

And lets be clear, contrary to anything Kanye says, he is a shill candidate. Trump’s team (who have helped to bank roll Kanye) know that, after the whole George Floyd fiasco, Trump has very little chance of convincing black Americans to vote for him. So instead he gets Kanye to launch a pointless election campaign, which they hope will draw away enough black voters from Biden to swing things Trump’s way. And its a tactic that Trump’s hero Putin has used before. Yet another way Trump plans to steal the election.

Broken mail sorting machines as Trump tries to rig elections

Now it is important to mention that right wing racists will often themselves highlight these racist trends among some non-whites (course they’ll leave out that little detail), as a way of excusing their racism (completely ignoring that this negates the “no ethic minority can be racist” gambit they use to shield themselves from accusations of racism). Because two wrongs make a right and an eye for an eye won’t turn the whole world blind (they grow back don’t they?).

Neither excuses the other. Its just as bad and socially unacceptable to be a racist black person as it is to be a racist white person (regardless of who you are racist against). The end results are the same. And the worst part of it all is that racism is a self-perpetuating cycle. Violence begets yet more violence. The only way to break the cycle is to acknowledge there is a problem and engage in a process of reconciliation.

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