Apple’s devolution


Maybe Apple are just pissed off at having to pay an extra $13 billion in tax. But they announced that they were releasing the new i-phony i-phone without an audio jack. I’m reminded of this sketch from collegehumor. I mean they’ve basically released a product that is less useful than the previous one.

No doubt they will point to the history of the audio jack. Did you know the basic design dates back to 1878? . However equally one could argue the basic design of the wheel dates back to pre-history. Is apple going to try and come up with a new one (i-wheel?). Obviously the real reason is just so they can sell you wireless head phones at $160 a set (which you can then easily loose), while a pair of cheap head phones costs $10.

Suffice to say, this is why I don’t buy Apple products. I mean Microsoft are a bit of a monopoly, but Apple is an outright scam for people with more money than sense.


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