UKIP going the full Donald

You would think that the one saving grace from the recent referendum was that it would mean the end of UKIP. Farage has gone and given that UKIP is basically little more than a cult of personality of “the Farage“, so its the end of them, right?

No. They have a leadership contest and the evidence would seem to be they are going the full Donald Trump. One candidate is talking about banning Burqa’s, Islamic schools, etc. Another wants to ban all sorts of things ranging from “sin taxes” to the abolition of green energy and environmental protection…..why am I reminded of a particular Simpson’s episode?

And with no hint of irony they talk about “cementing libertarianism” within UKIP. Yes, this bunch of authoritarian neo-fascist’s who want to ban everything under the sun, who want to end free trade, free movement of people and freedom of worship, think that they are libertarians. As I’ve pointed out before, UKIP is if anything the ideological enemies of libertarianism. They are a national socialist party, the successors to Enoch Powell and the black shirts (worth remembering Farage used to be close to Powell, many leading UKIP’ers were once members of the British National Front).

Cameron’s mistake was his belief that the EU referendum, an attempt to appease the right wing bigot brigade would make them shut up (and then all vote for moderate Tories again). Well no, instead its merely given them a platform. And much like how the Tea party took over the Republicans, its probable we’ll see a jump in support for UKIP next election.


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