Department of Energy & Climate Change axed

Updated this one and realised that I forgot to post it here too!



I’ve been warning for quite sometime that a Brexit vote would be a disaster for the environment. By and large there is a strong correlation with voting leave and climate change denial and other anti-scientific beliefs. Of course others, such as Monbiot, say its not so bad (then again he said the same thing about Hinkley C).

Well we now have proof of just why we had every reason to be concerned. The new UK PM Theresa May has axed the entire department of energy & climate change. I mean we are talking Trump level of political vandalism here.

Oh, and this was straight after appointing Boris Johnson as foreign secretary, a gaffe prone liar (according to the French minster) who has managed to insult both Hilary and Trump as well as President Obama and many other world leaders. As the Swedish PM concluded, this is clearly some…

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