Where have all the Brexiters gone?


The EU president Junker recently mocked Farage and Boris Johnson for being unpatriotic quitters, deserting the field straight after victory. Naturally it is baffling to the Europeans how they could campaign for a leave vote and then have no coherent plan for what to do next. It is certainly strange to see someone fight that hard for something, lying, cheating and generally selling their soul to the devil, only to walk away after they’ve won. And already there seems to be many who regret voting leave or campaigning for it.

Some leaver’s (and they better get use to hearing that, likely we’ll be putting it on their tombstones, here lies Joe Blogg’s, racist, bigot, leave voter) are trying to plug their ears and think happy happy thoughts. Why oh why doesn’t the EU just get a move on and offer us the obvious deal? after all it would be irrational for them not too….or in other words everyone else should keep their heads, despite the fact we just did something insane!

It all raises the question, why did they do it? which itself raises some disturbing answers:

1) Ego’s

In essence they broke the UK’s relationship with the EU and the rest of its trading partners around the world, because they could. The leave camp were too busy thinking could we, when they should have been asking should we? They just wanted to win the big argument for the sake of winning. Naturally one has to question the wisdom of electing any of these egomaniacs to any position of importance in future.


2) Scenario fulfilment

The swivel eyed loons of the Brexit camp have followed a formula of blaming Europe and migrants for everything for many years now.

Can’t get a council house? no its not because Thatcher sold them off and stopped building any new ones, its migrants from the EU. NHS hospitals at breaking point? must be EU migrants fault (ignoring the fact that they tend to be younger and statistically less likely to be in hospital, plus many work in the NHS). Heavy traffic makes you late for work? no its not the fact we have a crap public transport system, it must be foreigners (i.e. at most 11% of the population) clogging up the roads. Health n’ Safety gone mad, no its not because the rat race mentality of Thatcherism has made the UK a more litigious society, its the EU’s fault for bringing in laws that stop household products from killing us like back in the good old days.

Voting Brexit was an act of scenario fulfillment. Now like a serial killer who has finally acted out his twisted fantasy they are horrified at what they’ve done. This provokes a classic fight or flight response and many of them have run.

3) Means to an end

Another consideration was that many of those in the leave campaign saw it as a means to an end. Let’s face it Gove (who has now achieved his dream of not becoming PM) or Andrea Leadsom (whose a bit of a fruitcake if we are honest) had almost no chance of serious career advancement. So, along with Boris, they saw backing leave as a means of clawing their way to the top. The damage that their actions did to the country (potentially the UK might now actually break up if Scotland leaves) was of little consequence to them.

Its ironic how many of the leave voters complain that politicians are too self serving, yet they just voted for one of the most blatant acts of political skulduggery in history. Frank Underwood is a complete amateur next to this lot!

4) Its a scam

Then there is the most disturbing theory, it was all a giant money making opportunity.


Its no secret that a number in the leave camp had links to various hedge funds. Farage for example is well known for his connections with various shady offshore companies (he’s repeatedly refused to reveal his tax returns, suggesting he’s a lot to hide). Landsom used to work for various hedge funds and Barclay’s (enough said!). Boris too has some connections to the so-called “Mayfair set”, who donated money to his election campaigns.

Yes $2 trillion has been wiped off the global economy. But some of these hedge funds are known to have been shorting the market in anticipation of Brexit and are likely to have profited handsomely from it. So one possibility is that many in the Brexit camp were hired out to make sure Brexit happened, regardless of what sort of outrageous lies they had to tell to get it done.

So no wonder some of them are retiring. Having made off like bandits, they have no reason to stay. It makes sense to quietly retire somewhere….preferably in an offshore tax haven with no extradition treaties!

5) Quitters

Or it could just be that in his bluster, Juncker has hit the nail on the head. The fact is that many Brexiters are just lazy quitters. The sort of people who avoid responsibility. If someone collapsed in the street, they are the sort who’d keep going and pretend not to notice.

Its interesting to note how the first thing Brexiter’s want is a deal with the EU guaranteeing them all the benefits of EU membership, but without the responsibility. Or put another way, they want someone else to do all the hard thankless work of holding Europe together, while they milk the benefits. And what would happen if everyone took that same attitude?

6) Morons

Let’s face it, if you were dumb enough to believe all of the leave camp BS you are not exactly smarter than the average bear, are you? Its also worth noting that those lacking a degree were far more likely to vote leaveOkay there are some dumb uni graduates (presumably the graduates who voted leave!) and smart people who don’t have degrees, let’s not make unfair generalisations. But there does seem to be something of a correlation between intelligence and willingness to vote remain. Its also worth noting that many leave voters have a tendency towards climate change denial, which doesn’t exactly suggest we’re dealing with a bunch of Einstein’s.

It would also seem that quite a number of people voted leave only did so as a sort of protest vote. You know, stick it to the man….oh wait! shit! we actually won, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Apparently some have been ringing election officials to try and change their vote. Ah, sorry, no tap-backs! I mean how stupid are these people?

As one American commented, Brit’s no longer get to claim than Americans are dumb. The UK just did something far worse than electing G. W. Bush for 4 more years.

Either way, the fact is that leave campaigners have committed an act of national self harm on the UK.


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