Playing the biggest con of all time


I’m increasingly of the view that Trump’s motives for running my not be simply to inflate his own ego, but more likely to inflate his bank balance.

His campaign appears to be in trouble…and he’s not even the official nominee yet. Indeed, there’s still a quiet campaign to turn the convention into a sort of red wedding, deny him a majority on the first count (by getting delegates to abstain and deny him a majority) then fight a contested convention that could see Mitt Romney anyone elected as the nominee.

Unlikely to succeed, but it shows the uphill struggle he’s got within his own party. And nationally? well a recent poll, this one a state by state breakdown, suggests he is struggling in nearly all of the swing states and Hilary will likely win the presidency 347 to 191 in the electoral college. And any swing towards her could see him lose in states like Georgia or Arizona, normally considered safe Republican states.


Oh, and he’s caught up in another storm over racism. He tweeted an image the other day, which the media then traced back to a white supremacist site. Implying that either Trump, or whoever manages his twitter feed likes to hang out on white supremacist websites.

Meanwhile, he’s also trailing in the vital money race. While Hilary is blazing out TV ads every night Trump is spending nothing…..largely because he has nothing to spend. Latest figures show he has just $1.3 million on hand in cash against the $42 million Hilary has in her war chest.

Indeed so desperate for cash is his campaign, he’s been sending out the begging bowl to anyone he can. Over the week he was caught spamming UK MP’s (amongst others) for contributions. This naturally resulted in an angry response. Furthermore it is illegal under US election law to knowingly solicit and accept campaign contributions from foreign donors. An investigation is already underway.

But what’s that you say, he’s a billionaire (maybe!), why isn’t he spending some of his own money on the campaign? Well actually, the opposite is happening. He’s been funnelling money from campaign contributions (i.e. donated by all those coal miners and the veterans who showed up to Trump rallies) and putting it straight in his own pocket. One fifth of all of his campaign spending has found its way into his own businesses. He even charges his campaign for use of his own private jet and the rent on his Trump tower apartment when he’s living there. He might actually finish the election with more money in his pocket than when he started.

And Trump’s campaign is anything but fugal. While his campaign staff is just a tenth the size of Hilary’s team, he’s spending about the same amount on hotel rooms. So either Hilary has her lot sleeping ten to a bed in a Motel 6, or Trump is hiring out the ritziest hotels he can and ordering room service.

In short Trump’s chances of being president are diminishing fast, although not fast enough I’d say. And if his current campaign financing is any clue as to how he’d run the economy it would appear his plan would be to milk the country dry. Trump has shown himself to be little short of a sleazy con artist, a country golf club hustler, just one who appears to be trying to pull off the biggest con in history.


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