The Sith always betray their own


A common theme in Star Wars is how the dark lords of the sith always in the end betray one another. Its also a stable of the pulp Arthurian fiction that star wars is based on (its basically knights and princesses in space) where you have an evil sorcerer whose apprentice is constantly scheming against him, while the sorcerer is constantly testing his apprentice (after all if his apprentice becomes a hippy or born again Christian he’s unlikely to obey orders to go kill a load of young-lings, indeed he’d probably start organising a petition or go around with a T-shirt saying “just say no to Palpatine”).

Well it would seem the same applies to the Tory party. In much the same way they betrayed the lib dems last election (they purposely focused their campaign on lib dem held seats rather than labour ones) there has been more backstabbing, or even front stabbing within the party. It seemed that Boris was the leave camp pick to succeed Cameron. Gove had publicly ruled himself out. However after consulting with MP’s Gove claims he was convinced that Johnson lacked support and decided to enter the race himself, with Boris pulling out.

Needless to say, none of this adds up. How Gove could consult with large numbers of MP’s in such a short period of time doesn’t stack up. And only 4 MP’s actually showed up to his campaign launch, which kind of suggests he hasn’t got the level of support he’s claimed. Also Boris rolled over a little too easily, implying that Gove must have had some dirt on Boris (not unlikely, he’s a posh boy who makes millions and has been involved in extra-marital affairs, you won’t have to dig that hard to find something incriminating) and used that to blackmail him into leaving the race.

So it looks like out of the mess of the leave camp, emerges Gove as their chosen PM. Which is a bit like learning at the end of the Star wars trilogy that Jar Jar Binks was actually the real dark lord of the sith all along. Actually on that point, there’s a fan theory  (that has at least been partially confirmed by those involved in the films) that Jar Jar Binks was a secret sith lord, but that George Lucas chickened out of this story line due to all the negative reviews the character got.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) its likely Teresa “I see Jihadi’s” May will be the next PM, rather than Jar Jar Gove. She was pro-remain in the referendum, but is a sufficiently right wing fruit cake for one to wonder how big a mess she’s going to make of any Brexit negotiations. Or (as I will discuss in a future post) may well screw up the legal hurdles to make Brexit legal (meaning the government could get itself tied up into all sorts of knots).

Of course another possibility to consider is, why is Osborne not standing? Or indeed why many of the other obvious names in the Tory party (IDS, Michael Fallon, Oliver Letwin, Beelzebub, Emperor Ming, etc.) are also ruling themselves out. My guess is because they know that becoming PM now is likely to be a crap sandwich. The economy is slowing down, a recession is all but assured, the EU negotiations will likely be a massive let down to those who voted leave (the obvious deal will mean open borders and a UK more under the thumb of Brussels and paying for the privilege) as well as dealing with the WTO and signing trade deals with other allies. In short its a competition to see who wants to be Gordon Brown in 2007.

So its possible that the Tory party is now essentially pushing forward a sacrificial lamb, who will absorb all of that negative news, which they will take the blame for and then fall on their sword in a year or two’s time. Upon which the real leadership contest will be held prior to the next election. And people say the TV programme Game of Thrones is too bloody to be realistic!


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