Trump’s running mate: Bernie Sanders


Donald Trump, now that he’s made peace with the GOP establishment is currently musing over his choices of possible running mate (Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Darth Maul, Beelzebub, etc.) but in effect he already has one – Bernie Sanders. The simple fact that Bernie supporters need to accept is that by continuing their campaign they are aiding only one person – Donald Trump. Indeed Trump is now urging on Sanders and his supporters, hoping that if he can sow enough discord on the left it makes a GOP victory all the more likely.

Now to be clear, as I’ve outlined in prior posts, I’m no Hilary Clinton fan, I’m merely accepting the principle of TINA (There Is No Alternative). And I can do basic maths. For the fact is that even if the super-delegates remain neutral (which of course they won’t, they will almost certainly back Hilary), Sanders would have to pull in +80% of the remaining delegate votes to pull ahead. And even in state’s he’s won, he has never gotten close to those numbers. He and his supporters need to accept that Hilary has all but won the nomination, there’s no point in flogging a dead horse.

Now the Sanders camp will point to polls and say but our guy polls better against Trump. Yes, and as I pointed out in a prior post there are many good reasons to doubt those numbers. There are many factors relating to how swing states vote, where independent voters (i.e. political centrists) often decide things. And therefore, there is good reason to doubt Bernie can translate those apparent leads into firm votes come November (particularly after the right-wing media starts their anticipated “Sanders is a socialist coming to eat your babies” routine). But again it doesn’t matter, even if Sanders was +25% ahead of Trump it still won’t matter, he’s not going to be the nominee. That ship’s already sailed.

So Sanders supporters will probably say, but we fear Hilary is too right wing. Granted, she’s the most right wing candidate the democrats have fielded in a long time. However are the Sanders camp seriously suggesting that if a bill strengthening Obamacare, or tightening gun regulations, or perhaps a new climate change bill, were to land on her desk she would refuse to sign it? Seriously? Okay, she’s a little too close to Wall Street, but as regards 80% of what the Sanders camp is looking for, and certainly 100% of what they can realistically hope to push through congress, there is little doubt Hilary will sign it, push come to shove.

And again its not a choice between Sanders and Hilary, its between Trump and Hilary. The nature of US politics means, that anyone not backing Hilary is backing Trump (two party system!). I don’t like it either, but we are where we are. Sanders continuing in the race is a re-run of Ralph Nader’s run in 2000, which earned us eight years of G. W. Bush. Do Sanders supporters really want the repeat this?

Sanders has hinted he’s only running to both force Hilary to take him on as her VP, as well as ensuring a more progressive agenda in Congress come November. I would argue that both become less likely the longer Sanders stays in the race. If he’d bowed out gracefully a few weeks ago, a high ranking cabinet post (or indeed perhaps the VP post) was a strong possibility. Now, him placing his (and his supporters) pride over the best interests of the country, raises serious questions about his judgement. My guess is he’ll be passed over and in all likelihood Hilary will now have to pick someone from the right of the party as her running mate (my guess Wesley Clark…not that I want that, but realistically its possibility if you look at how an election will pan out).

So Sanders supporters need to wake up and smell the coffee….or they’ll be waking up and smelling the hair spray. Every day your candidate runs, a Trump victory becomes more likely. And if Trump wins, the media and the democrats will almost certainly pin the blame (rightly or wrongly) on Bernie Sanders and his leftie millennial cheerleaders. Meaning the democrats will move further to the right and you can kiss goodbye to any of the progress policies he’s calling for. There is a time and a place to “steer” Hilary and the rest of the democrats towards the left. In November after the wig wearing draft dodger has been sent packing.


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