Sexism and the city


A recent photograph from the PwC receptionist pool

One argument you’ll frequently hear from those on the right, is that oh, equality is something we sorted out ages ago, why women have all these rights now already, why should they get equal pay, etc, in fact its men who are being discriminated against (Trump’s views being a case in point). Of course the usual response from women is to say, that’s a bit rich coming from men, you don’t know what its like being a woman in the modern work place.

And we have an unfortunate example of the sort of stuff they are talking about with this tale from accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers. A receptionist was sent home from work on her first day on the job for refusing to wear high heels. She claims that she showed up wearing smart black shoes, but without the regulation 2-4 in heel (yes they actually specified the size of heel!…and in a non-metric size, which century are these guy’s operating in?). She was told to go out and buy a pair, which naturally she refused to do and was then sent home. Oddly enough there was a man working at reception who also wasn’t wearing high heels.

And this is far from a one off, PwC have been in trouble for sexism before. In the US they lost a case a few years ago relating to Gender stereotyping as well as being pulled up for sexist e-mails being forwarded around the company. So the company does seem to have a bit of reputation for being run as a misogynistic old boy’s club.


All actual ads from the 70’s….so not much has changed at PwC by the sounds of it!

In which case its no wonder she was sent home. By the sounds of it she was one of “those women” whom we are warned about in public service videos. You know the sort of woman who will express “an opinion” about something other than dinner arrangements, embroidery or cute kittens. Next thing you know she’ll be wanting to drive! Women know your place….and where in the anatomy of a PwC employee to place a high heeled shoe next time they make some sexist comment!



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