Trump Exposed


I do wonder if Trump pulling out of the debate the other night had something to do with a Channel 4 documentary about him, which revealed some of the numerous skeletons in his closet, something that would inevitably have come up in questioning….Or it could be he’s just an narcissistic egomaniac.

Apparently, not only was he afraid of Megyn Kelly, but he wanted to be paid to show up! I mean if they guy can’t handle some right wing hack, how does he propose to deal with questions from international journalists, such as Jeremy Paxman…..or world leaders like Merkel or Putin? Never has somebody so unfit for high office actually stood for election.

And as the C4 show discussed you have people from his own party lining up to denounce him, literally running from Bill “neocon” Kristol to Glen Beck. Yes, Glenn “I see Nazi’s” Beck thinks Trump goes too far. That’s like the head of the Westboro baptist church calling someone a bible thumping nutter.

There is to say the least, a certain irony to the many blue collar, tea party Republicans flocking to Trump (or Cruz) because “congress lies to them and works for the rich”….so instead they want a rich, megalomanic, draft dodger who has only ever cared about himself and who has won awards for his skills at lying.

Four Bankruptcies and a bailout

As Carly Fiorina pointed out how can you vote for someone who has gone bankrupt not once, but four times. In most countries going bankrupt once automatically disqualifies you from high office. Why? Because it does sort of suggest you aren’t good with handling money and hence we really shouldn’t be putting such a person in charge of tax payers money.

Bankruptcy is supposed to be a matter of last resort, as the damage to ones reputation and credit is supposed to make people think twice, given that others (creditors, employee’s, etc.) will lose money too as a result. Trump has tried to portray it as a set of sound business decisions. But it meant that he reduced his losses, while throwing his employee’s and investors under the bus. In short it suggests he’s not the sort of person who will not lead from the front, but the sort who will hide behind women and children and screw over the very people supporting him at any opportunity. And running from a fight with Megyn Kelly, also doesn’t bode well.

Trump’s real New York values

Also people who file for bankruptcy tend to have skeletons in their closet. In the death throes of their business prior to bankruptcy they may have borrowed money and favour from various shady sources. This leaves the candidate susceptible to possible blackmail in office. And some of Trump’s “shady contacts”, as the C4 program mentioned are extremely dodgy….Let’s just call them “good clean family men”.

That Trump, or his father, would have mob connections should not be a surprise. Back before the FBI crackdowns of the 80’s the mob practically ran many blue collar industries in New York, including construction. There is no way either of the Trumps could put up a building in the city without the nod from one or other of the New York families (whose “turf” it was being built on)….well unless he fancied winding up in the foundations himself!

Indeed one of the main concrete supplier to the Trump Tower complex, was a mob controlled company operated by two well known gangsters, Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno (then head of the Genovese family) and Paul Castellano (the don of the Gambino family, if his name rings a bell its because he was famously gunned down outside a NY steakhouse under the orders of future boss John Gotti).

If there’s one question I’d have liked to see someone ask Trump its “where is Jimmy Hoffa buried”. Because I cannot help but notice that he disappeared around about the same time they were building the Trump tower…..oh and he also frequently uses migrant workers on his construction projects which is sort of hypocritically given his stance on immigration (to those unemployed builders flocking to his rallies, its thanks to people like Trump that your unemployed).

And needless to say Trump’s involvement in Casino’s, notably Atlantic City (a mob haven since the roaring 20’s) should raise all sorts of red flags. Quite apart from the skim” racket (as portrayed in the film Casino), Casino’s offer the mafia various criminal opportunities, from rigged gambling games with high rollers, robberies, loan sharking, prostitution, drugs, etc. Indeed one of the reasons why many US states ban gambling (which does seem a somewhat Un-American thing to do) is precisely because gambling tends to attract “an unsavoury element”.

So needless to say, no way Trump would have built any of those Casino’s unless the local mob knew they were going to get their little suitcases every month. And its likely he’d have had to consult with them if he was going to let it go bankrupt…. not least because a well known mafia trick is to deliberately run a business into the ground while ordering stuff on the company account (which is sold on off the books). The Kray twins used to pull a similar trick with nightclubs and pub’s all the time.

However, many on the right in the US have felt the effects of the Great Recession, much like the rest of us. But rather than consider whether they need to re-evaluate their politics (now that they are the ones dependant on welfare, or in a low paid job) they have, rather typically, opted instead to blame immigrants, foreigners and Obama for the crisis. So they’ve followed the siren call of the loudest blowhard.

Which brings us to what I would argue is the really big issue with Trump – he doesn’t have any actual policies. Once you filter out the racism, the insane posturing and the obviously unworkable (e.g. build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it….he does understand how dependant the US is on oil, manufactured goods, foodstuffs and other products imported from Mexico or countries further south?), there is nothing that resembles a coherent plan from Trump. Its no wonder Palin has endorsed him, as he’s basically copying her tactic of making a speech made up of a miss-match of folksy patriotic buzz words.


So voting for him, is voting for government paralysis by an incompetent narcissistic megalomanic with known mafia ties. This will of course in all likeihood have the opposite effect of what his supporters want… not least because it makes it much more likely that Hilary (or Sanders) gets elected, likely because many moderate Republicans hold their nose and vote for her! In short Trump is a Frankenstein monster of the GOP’s own creation.


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