English Nation Anthem?


What song best describes modern Britain?

There’s talk of coming up with an English national Anthem, or indeed even changing the British one. Although this would cause some issues in Northern Ireland. This has led to the media making a couple of suggestions.

Obviously Jerusalem is one option. However, its a very religious song (no way Richard Dawkin’s ever going to sing it!) and actually has a number of Luddite tones (it was a reaction by Blake to Britain’s “dark satanic mills”).

Of course if we want to keep “God save the Queen”, there’s always the Sex Pistol’s version….although that said, I can’t see Cameron singing that one…nor Corybn for that matter!

Then there’s the “always look on the bright side of life” by the Monty Python team. Quirky funny and exactly the song to lose on penalties to Germany singing. But, to quote the Monty Python’s, very silly.

I recall Mark Thomas suggesting Imperial March from Star Wars, as it would scare the piss out of people. You won’t need to drop bombs on ISIS, just play this one and they’ll run away.

Or my personal pick, Fat les – Vindaloo. Written for the world cup in 1998. Its got everything, cheddar cheese, vindaloo, drunks, yobs, makes fun of the French and wonderfully silly. Perfectly sums up modern Britain. And 100% guaranteed to confuse foreigners.


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