Kids Kompany

This week saw more revelations about the demise of the “charity” Kids Company, with a report released by the NAO. Towards the end KC, a charity that operated out of a handful of London Burroughs (and may have actually only been helping at most 2,000), was receiving twice the amount of money given to Bernardo’s, a charity that operates nationwide.


Why, you may ask, didn’t the civil servants step in to do something? Well they did, on several occasions, only for ministers to go over their heads and award the money anyway. And it is alleged they did this because the charities founder bullied minster’s into awarding more cash, by threatening to shut the charity and generate lots of negative publicity at an inconvenient time for them. And she was also quite prepared to push buttons such as accusing minsters, or the PM, of racism and putting kids on the street.

And one has to worry about the London centric nature of KC. While other charities that worked for kids in the most deprived parts of the UK have been squeezed by Tory cuts, just when they are needed most, a London based charity has cash thrown at it by the bucket load, which it promptly wastes and nobody does anything about it.

While it has to be acknowledged that KC was also funded by the previous labour government, it was under the Tories, thanks to direct action of Cameron itself, that the funds given to this charity exploded. Rising from around £10 million to £46 million when the charity collapsed. Needless to say this does raise serious concerns about Cameron and his judgement. To bring up a question asked to Miliband during the campaign, if Putin and Miliband go into a room, whose going to come out in one piece? Well if Cameron can’t handle a fat child snatcher, I don’t rate his chances against Putin, or Merkel and the EU for that matter, as being terribly good.

And yet still there are a lot of unanswered questions. No legitimate charity would allow itself to become that dependant on one source of funding, particularly for a charity expanding as it was. Nor would they be that sloppy with cash. And its difficult to believe they could blow that much cash on just a handful of kids (£23,000 a kid!). And there are all sorts of stories of the miss-spending by the charity, for example £132,000 spent on the relative of a staff member. One has to wonder if it was a scam all along, which raises even more worrying questions as regards the PM.


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