Bigot Watch


I came across this very scary “Shop” in Glasgow just off Duke Street. Called the “Protestant Unionist Loyalist community hub” it appears to be a shop that basically sell bigotry (Ulster flags? nazi memorabilia? video’s of Enoch Powell?). The owners claim that they are trying to fight racism against them….which sounds too me like they took banter from Celtic fans regarding Rangers current position in the leagues a little too seriously. The owners are apparently part of a well known crime family who have been at the centre of much sectarianism and fascist activity over the last few years. Why is it right wingers don’t understand the concept of irony?

One could laugh, but this is a growing trend across the UK, where many people are being squeezed by the Tory cuts, they can’t find work and inevitably they blame a convenient scape goat, foreigners or migrants, for all there trouble, much as the Irish and Jews were blamed for similar things in the past.

The reality is that, so long as employers are paying out the minimum wage and acting legally, migrants are not at any particular advantage over locals (and if employers aren’t then the solution is a crack down on dodgy businesses, not migrants). Indeed given how getting a job can often be a factor of who you know rather than what you know, the reality is that migrants are at a distinct disadvantage to locals.

Also, its often been pointed out that the hotspots for racism and UKIP tend to be the places most migrants are avoiding, largely because such places (such as East Glasgow) are employment black spots and the migrants are willing to move to where there are jobs. By contrast it is our local PUL morale officer who are they types who are most likely to be sitting on benefits, not making any serious effort to find work and being responsible for crime in their local area.


One has to wonder if maybe all of these different racist group should just merge together to form up one singular party the UKADMRULRBRAAEPFP (UK Angry Daily Mail Readers Unionist Loyalist Racist Bigot Remember Agincourt Anti-EU Popular Front Party).

The party will have no manifesto, after all who can think straight when you’re that angry, its symbol will just be one of the Mr Men purple with rage…..a suitable symbol given how racist the Mr Men are (think about it, they’re all different colours and have something wrong with them accept for the one white guy whose Mr Good….well okay, there’s Mr Nobody too, but he’s meant to be Jeremy Corbyn. Then all the women are “little miss….”, so sexist too!)


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