Vorsprung durch cheatnik


I’ve avoided commenting on the whole VW scandal because A) I was busy and B) I was waiting for the other car makers to get caught out, as it would be unfair for us to focus on the one who got caught.

Figure 1, There's trouble in Wolfsburg Figure 1, There’s trouble in Wolfsburg

Was I surprised by this story?No! Its been long established in the scientific literature that there is a large gap between how vehicles perform in lab tests on a rolling road and how they perform on the actual road in real world conditions. There’s a whole section of research into reconciling the differences between these two.

In part this gap is because real world driving conditions are quite variable. There’s a big difference between how a car performs in say stop go city traffic or on a motorway, or on a rural country road. Particularly when we throw in issues such…

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