Getting piggy with it

I’m presuming everyone’s heard the story by now about Cameron’s “indiscretion” with a pig, as part of an initiation ceremony to some toff club at Oxford. I’m not sure if anyone’s seen cassette boy’s response to it tho….or John Oliver’s…..

I’m hoping Jeremy Corbyn has the good sense to let this one keep sneaking into questions during PMQ’s for the rest of the time Cameron is in office, e.g. “we have to cut down on government pork….” “The government has made a pig’s ear of the economy….” “….and the chancellor is now relying on China to save our bacon…” “what does the PM plan to do about the police….”

Of course, jokes aside there is a more serious story here. These posh clubs for spoilt rich kids (the Bullingdon of Oxford, the Skull and Bones of Yale, etc.) serve two purposes. Keeping them away from the riff raff, but serve as an initiation into the Good olde boys network. Given that they now have the dirt on one another, this means that they can pressure one another to act in their favour – which creates a massive conflict of interest as it essentially means that the PM, Chancellor and many other Tories (such as a possible future PM Boris Johnson) are all at risk of being blackmailed into doing things not in the interest of the country.


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