Corbyn nightmares


The Daily Mail had an “article” (if that’s the word for a thousand word’s of right wing pornographic vomit) out last week about the nightmare consequences of Corbyn becoming PM. It describes the flight of premiership footballers and non-doms, a collapse of the property market and the country being taken over by UN peacekeepers. Needless to say it was quickly ceased on by the Blairites and panned by critics.

My response is, can we have this in writing? If Corbyn becomes PM are we guaranteed to see Premier league teams field a team who include a couple of actual British players and teams owned by British people rather than some Russian Oligarch?

And property prices come down, in London, wonderful news! 😉 Railway’s renationalised? Well I’d argue that large chunks of the network are effectively nationalised already, so hardly news, this would mean simply making it official. And non-dom’s ain’t paying any taxes anyway, so I don’t see why them leaving will matter to anyone, other than their Filipino housekeeper. Hence why some question if this scary vision of the future, sounds like rather a good thing.

Unfortunately, its unlikely that a Corbyn win in 2020 would have quite the dire effects predicted. Something which both his critics and supporters need to consider. For example, those premier league footballers, where would they go? Are you going to tell me Ramires is going to get into such a huff over having to pay a little bit more in tax, that he’ll go back to Brazil and earn 1,000 peso’s a game rather than £1,000 a minute in the UK? Indeed, there’s been quite a lot of expensive transfers recently out of the premiership…..many of them to France, where President Hollande recently instituted a higher top rate of tax. So far with the exception of Gerard Depardieu
it seems to have resulted in no mass capital flight.

And why should it, where are they going to go? Is Starbucks going to sell billions of lattes a year in the Cayman Islands? And all that would happen is that someone else who is willing to pay the necessary taxes would swoop in and steal their business. Those on the political right who tell such fairy tales don’t seem to understand that they are assuming that the rich will act in a way that guarantee’s they will loose money, which is kind of against their religion!

Indeed the Daily Mail mentions the idea of Trump winning the US presidency. Seriously? Are you guy’s in the Daily Fail smoking crack or something? In any event if Trump won I think billionaire’s fleeing the UK won’t be the problem, more the opposite, with many moving in and making waves. Forced to choose between a slightly dotty socialists and an insane ego-manic nutjob (who just might be the love child of an Orangutan), the vast majority of the world’s wealthy will chose to move to Europe, many to the UK. While they may not like Corbyn’s politics’s he’s at least vaguely sane and will be constrained by the checks and balances of a parliament – While Trump will probably start a war with China (and Mexico!) and destroy the country (both physically and economically) in the process.

Personally I’d argue that a labour party that even contemplated supporting, rather than resisting, welfare reforms of the sort Harriet Harman was keen on, is a labour party that has seriously lost the plot. You can practically hear the timbers creaking as Keir Hardie rolls in his grave.

But of course we’ve been here before with President Obama, François Hollande, Syriza, etc. Those who so enthusiastically support Corbyn as the cure to all ills need to realise that even if he wins, they are probably not going to get quite what they want. Take that super-tax from Hollande, it wasn’t quite as successful as predicted, indeed its been so watered down to be meaningless. Obamacare, while it has many positives, it still falls short. Tens of millions still lack any coverage, as do many migrants, which could have a number of potentially serious consequences if a major pandemic where to strike.

And certainly, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are correct, labour will find it a lot harder to win a majority, or even become the largest party in a coalition with Corbyn as leader. Polling analysis by the Fabian society shows that. So the bad news is that the “nightmare” vision of the Der Strurmer Daily Mail is unlikely.


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