Bottom Trumps

One has too say a quick word about Donald Trump (otherwise known by his stage name Fuckface von Clownstick ;D) and the recent US Republican’s debate.

I remember hearing a joke once that said that the definition of terms “moderate” or “liberal” was anyone with less right wing views than you. So if I was to suggest that the banker jailed last week for LIBOR (only one banker jailed? What about the rest of em?) should instead have been put in a brazen bull (preferably a hollowed version of the one on wall street! :))) and you were to disagree with me, that my friend is because your a bleeding heart liberal.

Which is exactly why Trump is on the ticket. In essence by putting this clown on the stage, he allows all of the other Republican candidates to look vaguely moderate by comparison. Fox news comes out of this looking almost fair and balanced.

Which is why his antics are tolerated, even promoted. The higher up’s in the GOP know he’s unelectable. Anyone dumb enough to slag off, blacks, Asian, latino’s and women has just cost themselves about 75% of the electorate a year before the campaign’s even begun….and its kind of hard to win an election with the remaining 25%. But the GOP also knows that the Tea Party have driven the Republicans so far to the right, its going to be very difficult for them to beat a democrat like Clinton, who will inevitably attract all the moderate voters and thus most of the swing states.

There are also a large number of traditional Republican voters who have been screwed over by the economy and are looking for someone to blame. And much as many of those same types have voted for UKIP in the UK or the FN in France, the GOP knows many of them are attracted towards crazy “let’s burn the house down” suicide jockey’s like Trump or Rand Paul.

So allowing Trump into the process, lets the angry white men birthers vent some steam, but also increases the chances they’ll back the eventual nominee. Who will most likely be Rubio by the looks of things.


5 thoughts on “Bottom Trumps

  1. I’m constantly staggered by Republican views. I can’t for the life of me imagine our electorate giving some of them the time of day. I can never get over the fact that American friends who otherwise seem quite sane and sensible endorse certain Republican views with straight faces. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? :crazy:


    • I think alot if this boils down to tribalism. A large number of Republicans are Baptists who’ve tied their politics up with their religion. And much as they are unwilling to compromise their religious views (e.g. the world was made last Tuesday, the bible is literally true, word for word…even when its obviously talking in terms of parables) they don’t want to do so with politics. The fear is, well if we admit we were wrong about one little thing, that means we’re wrong about everything.

      Of course this is silly and childish. Good politics is about compromise and listening to expert opinion. Most centre-right parties in Europe (with the noted exception of the Tories) accept climate change and the need to take action on it.

      Also I suspect the fact that many politicians (including Trump) in England & the US went to private schools plays a roll. They have this idea drilled into them that confidence takes precedence over everything. This is where John Clesse got the idea for the “black knight” sketch. Hence, we have an entire generation of conservative politicians trained not to admit that they were every wrong about anything, ever.


      • I think that’s very astute. When people believe in literal interpretation then yes indeed, they may well then unconsciously apply this to the rest of their beliefs – to be wrong is to be unChristian and therefore ‘unsaved’.

        I’d agree with you about private schools. There was an article recently somewhere about the fact that being confident and being a leader comes way out ahead of being emotionally intelligent.


    • Given that its likely to be Hillary v’s some random right wing nut job, I think this a strong possibility. Downside? tea party will control congress, so limits to what she can do…of course if she can scare the old south into secession, that would change things…just sayin!


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