Cameron all at sea over Calais migrants

Cameron is angry about events in Calais. He wants the Europeans to come up with a coherent and comprehensive policy on migrant to get around the current patch work of policies, whereby EU states seem to treat migrants in the same way a home owner treats a dead squirrel he found in his garden (picking it up with a shovel and tossing it into the neighbours garden).

However, he’s obviously got some short term memory issues, the EU was working on just such a policy, which he objected too. Why? Because it would see the UK agreeing to accepting a quota of migrants….as opposed to having thousands simply sneak in anyway…..which apparently is better.

This would of course put him at logger head with the UKIP bigot brigade, who were Inevitably foaming at the mouth over this story, wanting to nuke Calais. And of course they claim this proves (as it would seem everything seems to do) why the UK should get out of Europe. Actually its the other way around. The problems at Calais are a result of a lack of EU co-operation on this issue, not too much of it. The UK leaving the EU would simply make the situation worse. What little incentive the French police would have to intercept migrants would cease altogether in such a situation.

One thought on “Cameron all at sea over Calais migrants

  1. Well said. I’m appalled at all the muddled thinking and prejudice on this one, and Cameron is so petrified of losing support that he will say anything in order to keep it. Then of course he reneges on it. Seeemples.


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