Media Matters

The Dark lord Emperor Palpatine Rupert Murdoch has a habit of using the media to get the outcome in an election he wants. However, at the same time, not wanting to suffer payback, he’ll back the likely winner at the last minute. This behaviour can lead to all sorts of absurdities.

Take the fact that the Sun in Scotland backed the SNP….but the Sun in England backed the Tories in order to STOP the SNP taking power :??:. Clearly he must have been assuming nobody would read the Sun both sides of the border on the same day.

Another way of interpreting this is that its all part of an anti-labour ploy. Murdoch is no doubt calculating that if labour can be deprived of enough votes such that the Tories will end up as the largest party this will give him the outcome he wants.

However, this “the largest party rules” gambit ignores the fact that if the Tories are faced with a left wing majority, then even if he’s backed up by UKIP and the DUP or the lib dems, the opposition can still outvote him. The result is likely to be chaos and a very short lived minority government, likely leading to either a left wing coalition or a fresh election.

Certainly what this does demonstrate is that if there’s anything a future government does, its bring in some rules to prevent anyone wielding this sort of power over the media.

Sour Grapes
Meanwhile, UKIP leader Farage continues his delusions of a BBC “bias”, against him to strange new levels. He’s reported the Beeb to the police due to a joke made about him on “Have I got News for You”. Ignoring the hypocrisy that when ever his lot get caught being racists, he claims its just a joke….but when someone makes a joke about him, he calls the cops :no:.

Of course the fact that the joke was made by Camilla Long, a right wing Journalist from the Times (another Murdoch outlet) with an aristocratic background (like Farage) does sort of debunk his claims of the Beeb being at the centre of some sort of commie pinko conspiracy against him. As I’ve pointed out before, with regards to climate change, the Beeb has actually been criticised not for being too left wing, but for failing to take a firm enough position based on the established scientific consensus.

The reality is that he’s a vain egotistical leader, wholly unfit to hold any sort of government post…in fact, I’m watching “Downfall” right now and why is it I’m finding a similarity between’s Farage’s rants and infamous Downfall meme.


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