European Army WTF?

I almost chocked during the election debate when Farage :crazy: brought up his delusions that France is trying to replace NATO with a European army. Choked that is with laughter.

Well what would stop a European army…probably the fact that many EU states aren’t members of NATO, such as Ireland, and often have clauses in their constitution making it clear they can never be part of such a force. Ireland has in the past received opt-outs on this matter in order to maintain our long standing policy of neutrality. A policy shared by several other EU states such as Sweden, Finland and Austria.

The idea that Britain, a nuclear armed state with (by EU standards) a relatively large armed forces, could somehow by threatened by the Germans or French, into becoming part of some EU army, when much smaller nations like Ireland have managed to get opt outs, is just crazy.

Certainly it is true the EU now shares a common policy on defence. And it has put in place measures to ensure a rapid reaction force to deal with crises such a repeat of the Balkans civil war. However only in the paranoid mind of a one-balled nazi loon could this be considered a “European Army“.

For starters, where’s the chain of command? An army without a change of command, ain’t an army. This is why NATO devotes a lot of effort towards the organisation of its chain of command. And keep in mind that politicians can’t directly command troops. If Cameron were to phone up a bunch of squadies, they would probably put the phone down and write it off as a prank call. Their orders have to come down via the designated chain of command, and btw the Queen is at the top of that, not the PM, nor the French President or the EU president.

Is Farage suggesting that an Irish general could march onto a British military base tomorrow, pull rank and borrow a few tanks and helicopters to go invade Belgium for the weekend….or perhaps get the squadies to perform the military fairy dance?

Furthermore, to return to the issue, which is that Farage claims the EU is this dictatorial institute which you can’t get anywhere with. Then why are they granting concessions on defence to Ireland, a nation with 1/12th the population of the UK? Well because Ireland has negotiated with our EU colleagues in a pro-active manner, rather than blundering in and calling everyone “fritz” or “frogs” and demanding this and that. A little bit of manners can open all sorts of doors.


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