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You’ve probably heard about the spat over a Fox News “Terrorist Expert” Steven Emerson claiming that Birmingham was now “totally Muslim” where non-Muslim’s “don’t go”. He went on to suggest the streets of London are patrolled by “Muslim religious police”.

Needless to say this was so far off base, even the Daily Mail got upset about it. It also provoked a response from Twitter, with the setting up of a satirical #Fox News Facts by some Bromies. Which claims amongst other things that the Queen is now Muslim (they show a picture of her wearing a a scarf :DD), who personally beheads infidels (picture of her knighting various people), all those Mecca bingo halls are actually Mosques ;D and even the buildings in Bromie now have to wear Burka’s (picture of the Bullring) :)).

Jokes aside, I would point out that Birmingham is in fact about 22% Muslim, with Islam now the second largest religion in the city, behind Christianity. So he’s only off by a factor of five….which isn’t bad by Fox News standards. Should you be wondering how such a howler made it on air, well unfortunately this is quite common for Fox News, and should serve as an eye opener for Brits should you wonder why some Americans hold such bat-shit crazy views. The reality is Fox comes out with this sort of stuff all the time, its just people rarely catch them at it, because most of the people watching are nuts enough to believe them.

Consider that Fox is already in trouble over racist comments made regarding the French Terrorist attacks, refused to show solidarity with fellow Journalists at Charlie Hebdo, and if you think Steven Emerson is a tad extreme, wait till you hear another Fox regular, Anne Coulter, who reckons the US should invade Muslim countries and forcibly convert the population to Christianity.

While most other News channels rely on experts with some sort of qualification or that you be an academic or something, Fox news will happily pretend you’re an expert if you’re white, Christian and one of the Good-olde-boys. I mean this is a channel that will interview screaming “Lord” Monkcton, UKIP’s science spokesman, while ignoring the fact that a) he’s not a lord and has been told by the House of Lords to stop claiming to be one and b) knows about as much about climate change and science as a two year old….and a very dumb two year old at that!

Also, as I mentioned in several prior posts, many racists often talk in code, a tactic often called dog whistle politics. However the easy time Fox News gives anyone whose views suit their agenda, means its all too easy for their guests to forget for a minute that they aren’t wearing their hood, nor are they at their local Klan gathering, but live on TV. And if you’ve ever overheard a couple of racists talking amongst themselves this is the sort of ranting you’ll hear from them. Steven Emerson has since apologised, claiming he was going on “facts acquired from other sources”, which sounds suspiciously like “what I heard some UKIP supporter ranting about down the pub”…

…Indeed in the wake of this debacle, coincidence or otherwise, Fox News have begun too seek out another dim-witted racist to act as its UK terrorist expert…so a case of straight from the horses mouth and cutting out the middle man then.

Of course, as the BBC’s Panorama pointed out earlier in the week, some radical elements within the Muslim community of the UK have hardly done themselves any favours. There is for example, the debacle over the attempt of several hardline Muslims to bring their teachings in to state funded schools within Birmingham. There’s the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby and of course all those British “Muslims” fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

As I’ve been saying for quite some time there is a effectively a civil war ongoing within Islam between Saudi Wahhabism and secular Islam, or indeed the traditional forms of Islam practised in various parts of the world. And as Panorama illustrates, it is radical Wahhabist preachers who will “indoctrinate and lead young Muslims to the door of violent Jihad and even open it for them”…then deny everything when the inevitable happens.

Mainstream Islam needs to start confronting this. And I mean outing this lot as heretics, whose words are far more insulting to Islam than any cartoon’s ever could be, and who hold views as bigoted and racist as any Fox News journalists. And who would, if they had their way, condemn fellow into a life of drudgery and poverty, just read the accounts of life under ISIS in Mosul, where even such necessities such as running water are lacking…..after they blow up all the Mosques!

While such realities do not justify Islamophobia of the sort seen on Fox or voiced by UKIP, however it is certainly adding fuel to the fire.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Facts

    • I don’t think any of this has anything remotely approaching real ‘religion’ or faith in it. It’s about power and greed and, certainly in the case of Boko Haram, love of violence and the sense of power it gives the terrorists. Usually high on something. Reminds me of Viking Berserkers.

      My other half sent a message to our friends and family who live in Birmingham. ‘Welcome to the Caliphate’.


      • Whilst I tend to agree with your point about “real ‘religion’ or faith” I must point out that I do not exclude Constantianisms from my list of Brands.


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