Game of Bigots

One of the reasons for many turning to UKIP is a feeling that politicians are cynics who will say and do anything to claw their way up the ladder. That far too many politicians are like the characters shown on the TV show “house of cards” (while Kevin Spacey’s not bad in this series, personally I reckon the British original was much better and Ian Richardson, far more sinister).

However, if anything UKIP’s politicians, those that aren’t complete fruitcakes and nutters, are far worse than any of the mainstream parties. There was an interesting bit of analysis yesterday morning from Nick Robinson, about the backstabbing and manoeuvring within UKIP over candidate selection, of the sort that would put the Lannister’s on Game of Throne’s to shame.

Recently, the current UKIP candidate for the seat of South Basildon and East Thurrock, Kerry Smith, was forced to resign over homophobic and racist comments. So far so UKIP you say…only the leaked information supposedly came from another UKIP supporter, whom we can safely assume wasn’t shocked at this awful racism, but was presumably keen to support the case for his preferred candidate.

And Smith was only in this position, as the prior candidate had dropped out. He was none other than Nigel Hamilton….and yes, I mean Mr “sword of truth” himself. Again, you cannot get any more sleezy and corrupt than this, which explains why even Farage decided Hamilton was a sleeze too far and had him taken out, thanks to leaked documents from UKIP HQ regarding Hamilton’s expenses.

Trouble is that Hamilton was only on the ticket because one of UKIP’s wealthy donors (part of the grizzled old money good-olde-boys network that props up UKIP) insisted on it and he’s now threatening to turn off the money tap.

Parallel to all of this of course, is the sex scandal regarding UKIP’s general secretary Roger Bird, who it is alleged sexually harassed another potential candidate for the Basildon seat. Now sex scandal’s and UKIP are again, not really news. Nigel Farage is openly having an affair, which everyone knows about, but the tabloid and bigot brigade (who are usually quick to jump on any story involving sex if it involves anyone else) are carefully ignoring. However, again the concern is that Bird may have used unfair influence to press her case for the seat….and quite possibly she only went to the media when he failed to deliver her as a candidate.

So in short if you want to vote UKIP because you’re tired of existing politics and the manoeuvrings of politicians, think again. Government by UKIP would be government by a bunch of backstabbers who would sell out their grandmother at the drop of a hat. Consider that Farage recently struck a deal with a Holocaust denier for the sake of getting his paws on more election cash. And UKIP is a party wedded firmly to various shadowy special interests. Its inevitable, given their behaviour in Europe, that as soon as they are in power, they’ll gladly toss white van man under the bus, for the sake of feathering their own nests.

In short a vote for UKIP would be a vote for government by chaos and mayhem and probably something much worse if they get their way on immigration and Europe.


3 thoughts on “Game of Bigots

  1. I can’t believe that anyone could take that bunch of grubby clowns seriously, with their cartoon politics … it’s alarming that they’ve made so much headway, and I can’t help wondering what would happen if the media turned off the publicity tap. Which of course they won’t … it’s far too much fun and sells more :no:


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