Scottish labour party see’s sense

A few years ago I put up a post outlining why I did not plan to vote labour in the elections for Holyrood because there was no point in doing so. The Scottish labour party couldn’t tie its shoe laces without asking permission first from London. This undermines the entire point of devolution.

Hence they had all sorts of policies scattered into their manifesto, such as supporting nuclear energy or opposing independence/more devolved powers, which probably made perfect sense down in England, but not in Scotland. It’s a bit like setting up a branch of Mc Donald’s in India and then wondering why the local Muslims and Hindu’s were getting upset at your menu of beef burgers and pork sausages.

Well if there’s a positive to come out of the No vote its that the Scottish labour party seems to be realising this. Its leader Johann Lamont has just quit accusing her colleagues in London of being “dinosaurs” and treating Scottish labour like “a branch office”.

All I can say is good on her. Labour needs to learn the lessons of devolution. That means allowing the Scottish labour party to plough its own furrow. This, ironically is what the Tories have long done…and yes there is such a thing as a “Tory” in Scotland :)). This will allow the party in Scotland to develop its own policies appropriate to Scotland, in which case they have some chance of taking seats off the SNP, as well as countering the rise of UKIP.


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