The New OJ

Somewhat inexplicably Oscar “shotgun” Pistorius seems to have beaten the rap at his murder trial. I mean seriously, he claims that even though he lives in a gated community, that he believed an intruder had somehow gotten onto the estate and into his house and climbed up a shear wall to a 2nd floor bathroom window. That he then forgot about his girlfriend, who’d been in the same room, and that she had also stayed silent when he started shouting and gun totting. Well if the judge buys that one, I’ve got some magic beans she might want to buy :no:.

One can inevitably draw parallels to the fate of OJ Simpson. I’d argue that the worse day in OJ’s life was the day he was found not guilty of murder. While he had managed to buy his freedom with high priced lawyers making spurious and implausible arguments (the so-called “wookie defence”), he failed to convince the public. Also his case had been incorrectly portrayed as a racial issue. While certainly the LAPD have a reputation for being as racist as a Tea Party Birther convention, this was one situation where race wasn’t the reason that they’d arrested a black person.

As a result, the media continued to hound OJ. His victim’s families also didn’t give up, successfully suing him for every penny he had. And the police weren’t going to let a little thing like first degree murder slide. They adopted a policy towards OJ similar to that of the Teflon don’s of the mafia, wait and watch for him to screw up, then throw the book at him. And inevitably OJ gave them their chance when he was involved in a property dispute that turned into a serious scuffle.

Now had this been anyone but OJ, they’d have probably got a fine or a few years (most of his co-conspirators got probation or time served). But as it was OJ, the cop’s decided to make a federal case out of this and he ended up getting 33 years! Now I’m not saying that what the US police did was right, just pointing out the irony that if he’d pled “100% guilty” to the murder charge back in 1994, he’d be eligible for parole about now. But now he’ll have to wait till 2017 at the earliest (and I would bet good money in him not getting parole then!).

So while Pistorius might kid himself that he fought the law and he won, I suspect that once he gets out from his spell inside, he’ll find its nothing of the sort. No doubt he’ll suffer the same fate as OJ, nobody will touch him with a barge pole and he’ll be sued by the Steenkamp’s into the next century. And he so much as runs a red light or says hello to someone dealing in drugs and the cop’s will be waiting to nail him to the wall for it. So as with the song, a few years from now he’ll have to conclude in the end that he fought the law…and the law won.


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