No more Dr No

Dr Ian Paisley :##, owner of the loudest voice in the entire world, has been permanently silenced. Dr? Yes he was a doctor, thanks to his extensive research which led to his discovery of the word “no” :no:, something he later followed up with extensive research into the word “never”. However he is more famous for his later collaboration with a Prof. Mc Guinness of Kneecap University and their joint research into the word “yes” :yes:

Jokes aside, Ian Paisley was certainly a prime example of the right wing blow hard…and you know what they say about empty vessels making the most noise!

However he was from the old school of politics and thus even he understood the need to put necessity over ideology and that sometimes a politician must do things that will be deeply unpopular with his supporters, for the good of the country.

My worry about his contemporaries these days, be they the Farage’s or the Obama’s of this world (never mind the Cameron’s or the Salmond’s), is I’m not convinced that they would do the same. They would I fear happily drive off a cliff just to avoid looking bad for the camera’s.


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