Devo too late

Some (and I stress only some) of the opinion polls show that the Yes campaign has pulled narrowly ahead in the independence debate. This puts the independence referendum on a knife edge as it could now go either way. It’s going to probably boil down now to whoever can get the voters out to the polls.

This has provoked panic among the pro-union parties 88|. George “Johnny come lately” Osborne was on the Andrew Marr show this morning promising everything under the sun to Scotland if they vote No, specifically Devo Max (i.e. more devolved powers to the Scottish Parliament).

Since the very beginning of this whole referendum debate three years ago, I’ve been pointing out that what the majority of Scot’s want isn’t independence but more devolved powers. If Westminster wanted to nip the independence movement in the bud, all they had to do was make sure that Devo Max was on the ballot paper (the SNP to their credit left that option open to Westminster) or pass some sort of bill down in Westminster putting it on the agenda.

Unfortunately the Tories, being the arrogant so-and-so’s that they are, failed to do either of these things. And, as I predicted back then, they walked right into the trap Alex Salmond set for them. If it is a Yes vote next week (and balance of probability is it won’t be), I would count this as a failure on the part of the Tories rather than a victory on the part of the SNP.

As for the Tory promises of Devo Max, well baring some emergency legislation in the next few days, we only have their word that Devo Max will go ahead. And given that there’s a general election coming up in the next year it seems doubtful that will happen before the next parliament. In short Westminster is asking us to take it on faith that they will deliver on their promises…much like they delivered on those promises regarding tuition fees! No offense but I think faith in politicians keeping their promises right now is about as high as Katie Holmes faith in the church of Scientology! :))

I’m afraid my advice to anyone considering voting No on the basis of this Devo Max promise is to say, think again. There are many compelling reasons to vote Yes or No, as I’ve discussed many times on this blog. But voting No because of some half-baked promise from politicians that will likely be forgotten about after the next election, isn’t one of those.


One thought on “Devo too late

  1. Many of the NO voters i’ve met are mostly of the i’m alright jack type sod everyone else. They have no logical or good reason for voting no only selfish ones.
    On the other hand the Yes voters do seem to have more vision and understanding of the real issues and think about the future generations….

    I think devo max will not happen if it is a no vote but likely independence will happen further down the line as the kids of today remember yet another betrayal by Westminster politicians

    I do hope we won’t be the first nation in history to reject the right to govern ourselves.


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