So you want to be a UKIP MP?

There is a bit of a flap this week over the defection to UKIP of Tory MP Douglas Carswell. UKIP, not exactly known for their firm grasp of reality, are predicting further defections in the coming months, with several Tory MP’s likely to jump ship, something the Tories of course deny.

This will trigger a by election in his constituency of Clacton, with Carswell standing for UKIP. However the problem is that UKIP already have a candidate in this constituency, Roger Lord, who is needless to say somewhat taken aback by having some ex-Tory carpet bagger parachuted in to replace him. Particularly when one considers Carswell’s being implicated in the parliamentary expenses scandal, something that is often highlighted as a reason for voting UKIP.

But it would seem that UKIP’s head office decided to just do this without consulting the local party officials. This flies in the face of how must political parties pick candidates for a constituency (typically with some level of local input). Indeed I can think of only two political parties that seem to pick candidates like UKIP – the German nazi party and the Russian communist party!

What this chaos over candidates betrays is the reality of UKIP as a party of government would likely be a vote for chaos, infighting and political paralysis. It is for this reason that Juncker is the EU President as all sides united to shut out the euroskeptics, realising the need to make sure that whoever ended up in charge didn’t matter so long as they were vaguely sane.

Of course the one winner in all this will be a certain Ed Miliband. If there’s anything he would like better it would be to see the Tory vote split, robbing the Tories of key marginal seats and handing the keys to number 10 to labour.

I bet Cameron right now is wishing he’d not opposed that alternative vote the lib dem’s wanted.


2 thoughts on “So you want to be a UKIP MP?

  1. A UKIPer was quoted in the news boasting that he had been “wining and dining” lots of Tory MPs to try to persuade them to join Nutty Nigel’s gang.

    Because bribery is how you influence Tories.


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