Just sayin….

Cameroon is trying to stop the election of a “federalist” John Claude Juncker to the post of EU president. Since the election of many euroskeptics, the pro-EU parties appear to be closing ranks, making it quite possible the Tories will face an uphill struggle in any effort to renegotiate the UK’s EU membership.

Of course, as I discussed in a past post, it is doubtful that any renegotiation of the type Cameroon fantasies about could be achieved according to the timetable mentioned in the Tory manifesto, even with a favourable EU President.

But either way, he and his diminishing pool of allies, are scrambling around looking for someone as an alternative to Juncker. Candidates put forward include Christine Lagarde (the world’s hottest granny) despite the fact that she and the IMF have criticized the Tories economic policies in the past (is he seriously suggesting this would be in the Tories best interest?). Tony Blair (the world’s least scary war criminal), I mean can you see the Cameroon being happy to welcome “President Blair” to Downing street?

Irish PM Enda Kenny is another choice, but given the implications for North/South relations he could make any “in/out” referendum in the UK difficult (as I mentioned before), likely insisting that it be held regionally, raising the risk that the UK would split up as a result. Indeed Enda has backed Juncker so I failed to see how he would be any better from Cameroon’s point of view. And then there’s Helle Thorning-Schmidt (think a more left wing Tony Blair…but in a skirt!…who likes taking selfies!). In short, he’s not exactly spoilt for choice as regards alternative candidates that are any better.

Of course you may ask where is Farage in all of this…nowhere of course! He’s so far removed from the discussion that those who voted for him may well have voted in a potted plant. Instead its up to the guy whose party finished 2nd to come and do the job, as UKIP lack the contacts and the clout….and the sanity, to engage in any negotiation.

Indeed, nice wee trick here, go to Google and type in “Nigel Farage is ____” and see what fills the blank. Also here’s a video of Farage being blasted in the EU parliament for wasting taxpayers money (e.g. he’s a member of various committies but has a habit of never showing up…presumably down the pub!).

This is the nasty little fact the Euroskeptics forget. If the UK leaves, the EU will carry on regardless, likely becoming more Federalist. The UK will still be directly affected by this via the terms of any free trade agreement with the EU, not to mention other agreements, which includes control of the border (as I’ve pointed out before the UK would need to do a lot more than leave the EU to achieve what UKIP want).

The UK, as it will no longer be an EU member, will go from having a diminished role in any EU negotiations (as is now the case thanks to UKIP) to having no role whatsoever and no right of veto or even to be involved in the discussion. We’ll just get a fax from Brussels telling us what to do and how high to jump.

How is that in anyway an improvement on the current situation? Even if you’re sceptical of the EU, better to stay in and try and reform it from within, than standing outside in the cold and being ignored.


7 thoughts on “Just sayin….

    • Because UKIP is largely a product of tabloid bigotry and fear mongering about nasty evil foreigners. They’ve spent decades blaming the EU for everything and now that they’re getting feedback from their right wing echo chamber they’re delighted.

      Not sure how happy they’ll be when UKIP just ensure the Tories loose the next election, and we end up with a more Federal EU!


  1. Spot on. Our little island out of the EU would become isolated and left behind in an ever moving world. The antis seem to think we are a great empire with a massive nuclear threat to any of our increasing enemies. We’re not. Plus when the Faslane submarine base is in Scottish hands and the navy has to relocate it will make the then English fleet far more vulnerable. The best way to influence Europe is to be in it. Imagine, you told all your friends to fuck off then went back and tried to tell them how to run their lives. That’s what Cameron is doing. The man is Eton through and through, arrogant to the core and really want beating senseless as an example to any other aspiring schoolboy wannabe Tory MP.


      • The man is a joke, he’s now got to convince the gullibles who voted or him he can be serious and having a mistress threatening to commit suicide after his wife chased her out of a party will be his downfall. How the other half live and snobbishness is not something British people tolerate for long.


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