UKIP Xenophobia

Of course speaking of political extremists, no election would be complete without a look at the looniness of UKIP. In the European election, UKIP aren’t so much playing the race card, but the xenophobia card, trying to portray the UK as being invaded by millions of nasty evil foreigners from strange sounding far away places like “Paris” or “Dublin” :))

Indeed UKIP have even forgone the need for people to be foreign to be vilified, even Lenny Henry isn’t British enough for them it would seem :no:

They had to withdraw one poster after it turned out that the actor they’d hired to play an unemployed British builder turned out to be Irish! This reminds me of the mess the BNP got into displaying a Spitfire from WW2 on a poster…only for it to turn out it was from a Polish squadron!

Of course given that Farage has previously employed his German wife on his EU salary, I suspect he’s used to hiring foreigners to work for him. But it is a little hypocritical.Of course the reality is that UKIP are copying verbatim the playbook of the Nazi’s, creating a complete myth that Britain is somehow under siege from some scary ill-defined enemy.

For example, why didn’t all those Romanians show up in January as the tabloids and UKIP suggested? Perhaps it might be because the Romanian economy is doing rather well, growing at a healthy 5% with falling unemployment, low inflation and rising wages….while in Britain while the GDP is going up (the only number the tories seem to care about) inflation is still rising faster than wages and house prices have started going up again.

While one can understand why some Romanians what to travel abroad, as many young people do at a certain age, inevitably many of them will probably find they’re way back home to Romania, after a few years. Indeed given that Romania has a falling population (not due to immigration abroad, but the legacy of Communists policies and its effect on demographics) there is high demand for skilled workers, such that Romania is becoming a destination for migrants rather than a source of overseas immigration.

Either way, my point is, that UKIP and their tabloid allies have completely miss-representing the facts, either because they don’t understand them…or because they are deliberately attempting to mislead the public.

And its worth remembering, that like the nazi’s, while on top they have their fluffy anti-establishment front man, underneath the party is backed financially by those very establishment types. Only this time the ones who are too extreme (or corrupt) to be allowed into the Tory party. Again, if you think current politicians are bad, do you really want a pack of racists liars in the pocket of shadowy billionaires as an alternative?


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