Gerry Trouble

Gerry Adams, aka his Gerriness the baron of Northstead, has had his IRA past finally catch up with him, having been arrested for the murder of Jean McConville. This incidentally is one of the reasons why Gerry Adams did not take up the post of first minister after the good Friday agreement. And why he has been trying to worm his way into politics down south in Ireland. Sinn Fein have long feared this day would come.

Of course, Sinn Fein have been quick to call foul, claiming that these allegations being made on the eve of an election indicate this arrest was politically motivated. While I would tend to agree that the timing is a little more than coincidental. It doesn’t get around the fact that Gerry Adams, and indeed many in Sinn Fein, have more than a few skeletons in their closet…and in some occasions I do mean that literally!

It is something that the many young people in Ireland who vote Sinn Fein (often for the very reasons people vote UKIP, as a protest vote) need to consider. We may think politicians are crooks, but by voting for Sinn Fein you are in fact literally voting for a bunch of criminals.


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