Putin’s his foot in it…again!

I didn’t really follow the winter Olympics much, indeed my most enduring image was that of the pussy riot “band” being whipped by Cossacks!

I say “band” because I don’t think it would be fair to consider them a legitimate pop group. I mean has anyone ever heard them sing? They’re worse than the sort who show up on the X-factor. If Simon Cowell ever hears them I think he’ll probably just die on the spot for internal haemorrhaging :oops:.

Consequently if Pussy riot were protesting against, say Cameron and Clegg, chances are they would simply ignore these protests, as would the media, save when they need one of those “and finally tonight” stories about the daft dog who dances. Of course in Putin’s Russia, where dissent of any kind is to question the unfathomable wisdom of the supreme leader its a little different.

However the cult of personality that surrounds Putin is simply not compatible with the world of social media and twitter. This isn’t the 1970’s and he can’t simply disappear people into the Gulag, nor censor all articles that portray the leader in an unfavourable light. One need only look at the backlash to Thatcher’s cult of personality for proof of this, as witnessed by the fact that street parties were held to celebrate her death in several parts of the UK, not to mention a successful campaign to make “ding dong the witch is dead” number one in the charts.

And one need only look to the Ukraine to see the consequences of how and why Putin’s and the Kremlin’s tactics are counter productive. It is unthinkable that the Ukrainian president would have gone along with any violence towards protesters without first getting the nod from Moscow. Indeed with him increasingly looking like Putin’s lackey, its increasingly probable that the shooting of protesters was the Kremlin’s idea to begin with.

However these heavy handed tactics have backfired spectacularly, with Ukraine going from pro-Russian to anti-Russian in the space of a week. It is essentially a repeat of the scenario in Iran in the 1970’s where America backed the murderous Shah, only for him to be overthrown and Iran to go from America’s strongest Middle East ally to a nation where the phrase “death to America” was practically the national motto.

And Moscow seems to be compounding their mistake by attempting to take over the Crimea, without first considering the consequences of that. And those consequences are the very strong possibility of Ukraine applying for EU membership. Something that many, even pro-European reformers in the Ukraine would considered fanciful a few weeks, if not days ago. And if the Crimea were to be annexed by the Russians, its almost certain that Ukraine would be seeking membership of NATO too.

Such a turn of events would be the stuff of nightmares for any Russian general. Suddenly their strategic port of Sevastopol would be a few minutes flying time from a NATO airbase. NATO would get a foothold in the Black Sea, rendering Russia’s Black sea fleet a “fleet in being”…that “being” likely lasting about ten minutes into any shooting war with NATO!

Worse the whole of the Russian heartland, including Moscow and the Kremlin itself would now be within bombing range of NATO fighter aircraft and cruise missile forces. Russian miltary planners have never considered the possiblity of having to ensure air superiority over Moscow itself, as they have only a handful of the latest 4.5 generation and 5th generation fighters compared to what Western airforces possess.

In short, Russia’s only defence against the West would be its strategic nuclear forces, and if the Americans ever got to deploy their latest ABM systems (or the Israeli’s) that close to Russia’s likely launch sites, its questionable how effective those forces would actually be.

In short, Putin’s Kermlin cronies need to wander down to the nearest café and discover what this much fangled “internet” thing is all about, before they get themselves into a mess they can’t get out of.


4 thoughts on “Putin’s his foot in it…again!

  1. Love the title :)) yes, it’s a very complicated scenario, particularly given that the Crimea looks to Russia while the rest of Ukraine wants closer ties with the EU.


  2. “its increasingly probable that the shooting of protesters was the Kremlin’s idea to begin with”

    you have no evidence to support this statement whatsoever!

    what do you think would happen in the Uk if protesters against govt used guns – they would shoot back. Do you think we could overthrow an elected democracy with a divided opposition by protests? didn’t work on Thatcher.

    I think some countries are exhibiting a dangerous precedent when they remove democratically elected leaders! like in Egypt or what they are attempting in Thailand.

    i personally can’t stomach John kerry or our Tory twit Foreign sec’s hypocracy


    • You shouldn’t rely on RT for you’re news, a known pro-Putin mouthpiece. The claims of Russian media regarding the revolution in Russia have largely proven to be unfounded.

      The fact is that Putin and his allies have a nasty habit of supporting violence against protesters, look at Pussy riot, Syria, Belrussia or chechnya for proof of that. Yanukovych actions have so shocked even his own supporters his party has effectively disowned him. He is on record as having asked russia to send troops and intervene.

      Ulimately the west needs to consider Russia under Putin as effectively a rogue state.


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