Cooking the books in UK colleges

We’re forever cracking down on students for “bad academic practice” aka plagiarism. However it would seem some of the UK’s HEI’s need to practice what they preach. I discussed last week recent revelations of systematic cheating of UK language exams within a number of UK colleges.

Now there’s a claim that Branfield college may have wrongly claimed £1m in funding. This is yet another example of the after effects of the defacto privatisation of UK universities. This meant many UK HEI’s have become increasingly cash hungry and mercenary. Hence these sort of issues can only be expected to increase, particularly within the UK’s college’s who are being squeezed by a reduction in funding from government and also drops in student numbers as increasingly many choose a university degree instead.


2 thoughts on “Cooking the books in UK colleges

  1. I think we need to get back to the idea that there is a serious difference between academic studies and technical studies.
    One is rewarded by a degree, the other by a diploma. In my own profession, originally taking a degree in architecture would entitle you to write history books, articles of criticism or study the pyramids; taking a diploma meant it was safe to let you design a building. Unfortunately student and educator’s snobbery has confused things to the detriment of the system.


    • Nothing wrong with a college diploma! As you say we need to get the message across that not everyone neeeds a degree and in fact most don’t need it to get into their choosen degree.

      The problem is, given many are going to have to spend tens of thousands on a 3rd level qualification, there’s a strong incentive to go for a degree.


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