Two Reasons for me to learn German

I’ve two reasons to consider whether I should learn German.

Firstly, I bought some beer the other day, labelled “Kindl” which I assumed referred to Crystal beer (i.e. clear). However it seems it meant “light“. Was pretty much beer flavoured fizzy pop!

The other, somewhat happier reason, is that my sister, who is living in Germany, has had a wee baby boy, making me an Uncle :D.

A good start to the year!


7 thoughts on “Two Reasons for me to learn German

  1. Congrats! My sister in law married a Swiss German and moved to Switzerland and had to start by learning German … but they were working in a mountain village for a while where a dialect was spoken, so as she was acting as her husband’s receptionist, she had to ask them to speak in high German until she’d mastered that first!!


    • I haven’t learnt it yet!

      I mean I have some German

      “Ein Beer bitte”
      “Ein Bratwurst bitte”

      And if they ask me anything I say “Grose”

      Oh, and I know good day and goodbye, but might want to expand my skills somewhat!


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