For once I agree with Farage

The political right has been getting themselves into all sorts of knots over the last few weeks. We firstly have the suggestion by a UKIP councillor that recent rain and storms wasn’t anything to do with global warming, but because of gay marriage :crazy:. Of course Nigel Farage, hardly known for avoiding controversy, pointed out that said councillor used to be a Tory, but the media choose not to publicise his similar lunatic statements back then…of course this lends the question as to why UKIP let him in the party in the first place if they knew he was off his trolley!

And just to show that UKIP don’t have a monopoly on right wing lunacy, we have the story of a Tory MP who decided to hold a Nazi themed stag do in a French ski resort! :no:

Also in an interview this week Farage suggested that the UKIP manifesto was, in his opinion, “drivel”. He claimed that despite being chairman of the party (and writing part of it, notably the foreword), he had very little input into it as he was too busy flying around with a banner attached to his plane and crashing into fields. He then adopted the standard UKIP tactic of “if in a hole keep digging till you hit Australia” by suggesting that a UK ban on handguns was “ludicrous”. Somehow, knowing there’s more people like this in his party in the country, I can see the value of a ban on handguns!

Of course this just highlights the problems with UKIP, they are not a serious party of government. They will take anyone into the party without first establishing whether or not they are nutty as a fruit cake (which inevitably means most of the party are people to batshit crazy to be Tories). And UKIP will say anything that they reckon might get them some votes, even if said policies are, as I highlighted in a prior post, contradictory and unworkable. And that’s before we even start to knock holes in UKIP’s core policy, withdrawal from the EU, or “the quiet disillusion of the UK” as I call it. The idea that they could be trusted in power, even as a minority partner of government is pretty low.

In effect a vote for UKIP is a protest vote, sort of like voting monster raving loony party…difference is, the monster raving loony party don’t expect to be taken seriously!


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