A license to Speed

It would seem that the UK’s spies will now have a license to speed to go along with the license to kill…or should that be a license to put a co-worker in a duffel bag in his bathroom in a house swiped clean of prints with the heating left on in summer and nobody in the media or justice system thinking anything odd about this…or a license to undo every single privacy law passed anywhere in the world and store all text messages and twitter content, #OMG#NSA# ;D

But I digress, it’s being proposed that MI6 agents will now be legally able to speed. This change in the law will also extend to those transporting organs for transplant, bomb disposal units and mountain rescue teams. Important because hard as it is to believe but certain Jobsworth cops with nothing better to do have been known to stop such people!

This will solve one thing that has never sat well with me about James Bond films. He comes out of a casino, after having polished off multiple Vodka martinis (anyone ever heard of drink driving laws?…indeed its suggested that Bond is actually a raging alcoholic) takes off down the road (often without signalling! i.e. driving without due care and attention), running multiple lights (dangerous driving), firing his gun or operating the rockets in his car (if using a mobile gets you a driving ban, I’d like to know what a judge would make of this!) and of course speeding at well above the speed limit…often on the wrong side of the road, in a vehicle that’s clearly no longer roadworthy (and while we’re talking about it, when was the last time that 1970’s Aston Martin was MOT’d?).

I mean if a real spy did this, he’d be spending the rest of his career filling out paper work or find himself reposted to Kazakhstan or something. But at least Bond won’t be breaking any speeding laws anymore!


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