The Flowers Affair

Watchers of politics will be aware of the growing crisis at the Co-op bank regarding its former chairman Paul Flowers. The Tories, smelling blood, have been trying to tarnish the Labour party over this whole affair, which is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Certainly one cannot excuse Flowers, indeed its difficult to believe somebody this dosy and incompetent ended up in charge of a bank. However if we were to start locking up bankers for reasons of their incompetence or habitual drug use, you’d pretty much have to build a wall around the square mile and call it a HM prison (now there’s an idea! :yes:).

I mean just look at the scandals involving Fred Godwin, Bob Diamond “Gezzer”, LIBOR, drug money laundering allegations against HSBC, JP Morgan’s (no relation to the pirate, one was a blood thirsty lot who raided and pillaged all over, the other was a privateer who lived a few centuries ago!) recent record breaking fine of several billion, or Anglo Irish and their antics (i.e. destroying the Irish economy with a defacto Ponzi scheme). All of these make anything that went on in the Co-op bank seem fairly tame. Yet it is Flowers who gets arrested while his bodies get a golden handshake and a knighthood.

In short there appears to be double standards being applied, and not for the first time. The Co-op gets hauled over the hot coals for stealing an apple, while the major banks get a slap on the wrist for mass fraud. Is it just me or does there appear to be double standards being applied?


2 thoughts on “The Flowers Affair

  1. It’s certainly not just you … :>

    And from my point of view – what the heck did the Methodist church think it was doing, letting a guy like Flowers run a church?????!!


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