Glasgow’s Cone Rangers

Jobsworth’s in Glasgow City council have dropped plans to raise the height of the plinth on which the statue of the Duke of Wellington sits. They had proposed to do this in order to make it harder for people to climb up on the statue and place traffic cones on the Duke’s head. They worry it might make the city look bad with the Commonwealth games coming up.

However putting traffic cones on the Duke’s statue has long been a Glasgow tradition. The statue (with its cone) has appeared on the front cover of tourist guides and its considered a tourist attraction in its own right because of the traffic cone on top. Indeed I was at least once asked by somebody “where’s the statue with the traffic cone”.

The council rather preposterously suggested that spending tens of thousands of pounds altering the statue would “save money” claiming that it costs them £100 a time to remove the cones. Seriously? |-| I’ve seen the council guys doing this and they usually come along with a long pole and twat it. If you pay someone £100 for that give me the job and I’ll do it for £25 a go!

Of course there are issues with some other of Glasgow’s statues, notably the one of Donald Dewar being vandalised (nothing to do with opposition to independence, just I suspect wee nets with nothing better to do). The plinth of this statue has had to be raised to cut down on vandalism. Personally I’d do the opposite. Lower the statue and tie it up to 20,000 volts. After the first Ned fries himself 88|, leave him there as a warning to the rest. That’l learn em! My cause a few problems when pigeons start landing on it tho!


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