St Jude’s day storm

A little old lady called to say we had a storm coming….we’ll she was right in the end! However, while the storm would have more than rattled the curtains for some people (some of the pictures of damage look pretty scary!), but the bulk of the country wasn’t too badly shaken.

I mentioned that because the way the media went on you’d swear the whole country was going to get blown away. A student even tried to get out of coming to class, claiming that he was “following government advice” |-|…if he fails anything this year I’ll have to work that line into his feedback! ;D

Admittedly, just in case, I was careful where I parked my car (i.e. not under a tree or lamp post that looked a bit dodgy). But as always I think the media took things a bit too far.

One story that the right-wing media picked up on was the destruction of a small wind turbine (not the big commercial scale type) in the storm. This one had the anti-wind farm brigade practically collapsing in a catatonic orgasmic fit. However they failed to notice that despite the storm, the bulk of the UK’s wind farms remained in operation. A couple had to be “feathered” to prevent damage for a few hours, but the vast majority of them ran on through the storm generating power.

Indeed the anti-wind lot, who have a nasty habit of being pro-nuclear lobbyists, completely missed the fact that two of the UK’s nuclear reactors had to shutdown completely during the storm (and are expected to be down for a week or so) while several others had to de-rate during the storm.

I’m not saying wind power is without its disadvantages, but its important we compare like with like, something I recently discussed in more detail on my energy blog.


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