Who really “hates Britain”

There was a bit of a flap this week with the Daily Mail accusing Miliband’s father of “hating Britain”. Of course, they seem to have forgotten that Ralph Miliband was World War II veteran (ya, he “hated Britain” so much he volunteered to be dropped behind enemy lines!) who participated in the D-Day landings.

Then again, we need to remember that the Daily Mail is otherwise known as “the newspaper that supported the third Reich”, given the paper’s view that Hitler was a wonderful chap. So its easy for them to get confused! ;D

Ralph Miliband did oppose UK military involvement in many wars, however this hardly counts as “hating Britain”. There are many reasons to oppose a war ranging from the obvious moral issues, to questioning whether a war is in the strategic interest of the country.

In the case of the Falklands many questioned whether it was sensible sending a large UK military force all the way down to the Southern Ocean to reclaim a midge invested bog. Particularly as it was then the cold war, and the Falklands operations meant moving much of the UK’s key strategic assets (attack sub’s, carriers, Vulcan bombers) to the other side of the world, leaving the UK virtually unguarded (if the soviets ever did plan on starting WW3, one can scarcely think of a better time for them to have done it).

Similarly many military veterans both sides of the Atlantic opposed the Iraq war or the Vietnam war. Not because they “hated America” but because, unlike Rumsfeld or Lyndon Johnson, they could add and subtract. A couple of back of the envelope calculations showed them that to occupy either Iraq or Vietnam would require hundreds of thousands of men (the Bush Adm. once prosperously suggested that Iraq could be occupied by just 40,000 troops) stationed there for at least a good few years (in the end both wars lasted longer than World War 2). Assuming even a low rate of losses for any deployed force, the result would be tens of thousands of casualties.

There is nothing unreasonable or unpatriotic about questioning the wisdom of leaders who propose throwing away many thousands of your own citizens lives needlessly for a mosquito infested strip of Asian jungle or so the God ol’Boys can rape a country for its oil. If the Daily mail doesn’t realise that, then they clearly don’t understand how democracy works.

However, I suspect the real reason for this attack is that at the heart of the Daily Mail is the mentality of a playground bully. Ed Miliband proposed rolling back several Thatcher era decisions. Given the cult of personality long built around Thatcher (despite the fact we can blame the Falkland’s war on her decision to cut military sending, which convinced the Argentinian junta that they could attack without fear of UK reprisals) they saw this as an insult to their ego. But rather than responding with a rebuttal criticing his policies (I ain’t exactly hot on some of them either for that matter), they instead lashed out and basically resorted to name calling and picking on his father.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me….although in the case of the Daily mail, if Miliband does get in, I suspect that press reform bill he’ll be bringing in will hurt rather a bit! :>>


3 thoughts on “Who really “hates Britain”

  1. If Ed turns out to be a new type of socialist – i think he could well be the vital opposition to tory boys.i mean who will vote for tories next election? not the benefit scrougers or nhs employees or teachers surely or the working poor or Scotland!


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