More Barmy UKIP stuff

The UK Tea Party (aka-UKIP) held their party conference this week, and predictably ended up make a tit of themselves. Of course, as anyone who follows the antics of UKIP would know, there’s nothing odd about this. But the problem for them this year is that their electoral success puts them right in the spot light and is now deemed newsworthy by the mainstream media.

Firstly there was the story of Nigel Farage and his behaviour back at school with accusations of him being “a bully and a fascist”, with stories of Farage marching around local villages at night singing Hitler youth songs. Now he’s tried to put a brave face on it, claiming, oh it’s the sort of things kids always get up to…well maybe at the private school he went to. Cos in the school I went to the only kid who behaved like that was the sort of “special needs” psycho type who ultimately dropped out (in order to avoid being expelled) and is likely either living in a council flat right now or in prison.

The there was the Godfrey Bloom’s (of Bongo, Bongo land fame), the Party’s chief whip who sits on a committee regarding equality who made his “slutgate” speech. When I first heard this story, I thought it was a miss communication, some Daily Mirror journalists taking things too far, but nope he did say it.

And this isn’t even the worse of it. Other recent gaffes include members being caught out making racists comments, facists gestures, or posting images of themselves dressed up as nazi’s or calling for compulsory abortions for babies with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida.

Ultimately this is the problem with UKIP, as I’ve discussed in prior posts they represent a lunatic fringe of the Tory party. And if anything the best thing the tories can do is quietly encourage the lunatics who are Tory in name only to leave the party and join UKIP, as the chances of them ever playing a significant role in any government are fairly slim.

Indeed there is a need for the conservatives to avoid the sort of corrosive lurch to the right that the US Republican party went through, as inevitably this led to the lunatics taking over the GOP asylum.

Take this clip, from back in 2010, from Bill Maher (a well-known US lefty) and his programme “Real time”. He actually praises David Cameron, despite him being a conservative for leading a party that can be conservative “but they’re allowed to be sane”. Or “only in this country [The US] do we waste time debating about evolution or climate change or whether its okay to leave sick people dying in the street” “conservatives in England don’t care about the 3G’s: god, guns and gays which tilt so many US elections”.

There is a lesson in there for anyone with vaguely conservative views. The best case scenario for Miliband and Labour is for the sort of barmy antics of UKIP to now spread to the Tory party and wreck any chance they have of re-election.


5 thoughts on “More Barmy UKIP stuff

  1. i think some people suffer from being suppressed by PR over recent years and just wana scream out what they actually think….but people can make their own decisions about what to think of him and Ukip- i met a taxi driver who thought ukip were communists but voted for them over immigration stance.

    we can’t stop stupid people voting i suppose – just another failing of democracy!


    • We can’t stop stupid people voting, but we can stop the likes of the tabloids exploiting people’s fears and prejudices.

      In some respects UKIP (or the US tea party) are a natural reaction to that. A sort of frankenstein creation of Murdoch’s media, which neither he nor the Tories can control.


  2. In my opinion the tabloids these days are more reflectors or amplifiers of public opinion and of public fears than creators thereof.
    UKIP, along with the Scottish Independents, are pretty much one-man bands. Without the, let’s admit it, quite smart and charismatic Farage and Salmond, both outfits would be much less potent political forces.
    That’s why I think both leaders may well be silenced – one way or another – before 2014, if their parties’ poll ratings continue to rise and point to success at the ballot box.

    If I were either I’d think twice before eating out.


    • Are you suggesting if the polls swing for a 2014 Yes vote – Mr Salmond may be drinking polonium tea?

      That could be a misplaced Glencoe type strategy what with the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn next year!


      • Nothing so crude or traceable MRW.. or if so not bent govt. post-mortem proof.
        Little Alex would be in good discreetly bumped-off Albion heaven company mind – alongside the good John Smith who conveniently went and died and paved the way for the decidedly un-good Anthony Blair.


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