Not the Boss of him – don’t mention the war!

Professional loud mouth prat, Russell Brand :crazy: got himself thrown out of some celeb bash the other week after he made the mistake of doing a bit of a tribute act to Fawlty Towers “the Germans” by bringing up the Nazi past of Hugo Boss at a fashion event that they were sponsoring.

Horribly insensitive of him, everything we’ve come to expect from the likes of Russell Brand…and entirely true I might add!

Inevitably the Daily Mail, aka the newspaper that supported the third reich, were quick to leap to Hugo Boss defense (perhaps they got confused and heard “Boss” and thought he’d be criticising their “leader” :no:). As they quickly brought out an article that attempted to gloss over Hugo Boss’s crimes…the lady doth protest too much me thinks!

According to the Daily Mail he only joined the nazi party so he could get a couple of orders for a few shirts…so according to them he was literally “just obeying orders” ;D. Of course the records show he joined the nazi party by at least 1931 (i.e. before they got into power and still back when they were a minor fringe in German politics). By 1933 he was advertising for the sale of nazi uniforms. He is also alleged to have had a photograph of himself with Hitler in his office and was known as a great admirer. His factories may well have also used (so it is alleged by Jewish groups) slave labour during the war.

During the process of post-war “denazification” it was concluded (by a German court) that he was “an activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of National Socialism“.

Indeed this isn’t even controversial as Hugo Boss has acknowledged as much…although I suspect they’re not exactly happy when people bring the matter up, particularly at a celeb bash where they’re buying the booze!

But first, a word from our sponsors…

Indeed, since we’re talking about it Hitler had many corporate sponsors and admirers, Henry Ford, Siemens as well as BASF & Bayer, or as they were known back then IG Farben, makers of Zyklon B (strange but true, far from trying to avoid the label “makers of the gas for the Holocaust” the successor firms to IG Farben fought a battle to trademark the gas, as it was also used as an insecticide and they wanted to keep making the stuff! :??:).

Others in the hall of shame include IBM and Coca-Cola (fun fact, they developed Fanta as a substitute for coke in Germany during the war when they couldn’t get ingredients from overseas, making it the (un)official soft drink of the third reich! U-( ). I could go on, but the list is rather long, as you can imagine, but here’s a couple more of them.

As for the nazi uniforms you do have to wonder, as David Mitchell ponders in one of his sketches, how long it took the SS guys wearing these uniforms to realise that they had pictures of skulls on their hats. I mean the good guys don’t exactly go around dressed in black with pictures of skulls on they’re uniforms do they? At what point did they work out that they might be the baddies?


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