Peruvian White

I caught a repeat of a Beeb programme about the drug trade in Peru the other night. Probably not the sort of show that the yuppies would want to watch, cos let’s just say that what they snort up their noses ain’t exactly made in sanitary conditions.

They showed how the cocaine is extracted from the coca leaves and it involves mixing it up with a cocktail of chemicals, quicklime, sulphuric acid, ammonia, etc. Quite honestly if you want to get high, you can probably skip the coke, mix all of those things in a bowl and inhale the fumes :)) (Health & Safety warning, don’t! you’ll probably die…but then again, it’s not as if snorting coke is particularly safe either!).

We may wonder in the West how can someone be so horribly unethical and produce drugs. Well, in many of these mountain regions the locals are poor sods from a downtrodden ethnic minority. Furthermore they’ve been smoking Cocoa leaves in South America since Inca times, it’s part of their culture. Indeed, it’s probable many do it out of spite to get back at the state and those “gringo’s” in the US.

And of course those in charge of the operation, as in other parts of the world, it tends to be your violent psycho types in dark glasses. And with mega profits to be made, they have little difficulty convincing people to act as drug mules for them…much like the two brit’s arrested a couple of weeks back.

Now while on the one hand you could argue that anyone dumb enough to snort this sort of sh!t deserves what they get, but one has to question are the drug laws actually working? It seems to me that all that’s being achieved is a lot of cash is being pushed the way of a lot of very greedy, corrupt people, the risks associated with taking the drugs is increased and a downtrodden minority group are being exploited on the one hand and subjected to police harassment on the other.


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