More Argy Bargy

What is it about the British, Spanish speaking people and small isolated rocks in the middle of nowhere? Again the UK is in a war of words over some far flung outpost. Again the media (on both sides) seems determined to stoke things up, although one is perhaps forced to consider the possibility that two angry governments on other sides of the world, is likely to be related to the Tory government :b and them having all the sensitivity to diplomatic matters as the UKBA at the Notting Hill carnival.

In response to a “protest” by a small group of Spanish “fishermen” (most of their boats did appear to be pleasure craft), the British respond by dispatching the Royal Navy. I mean that’ll sort the Spanish out ya? You guys do realise that the Spanish have an Aircraft Carrier while the UK does not? Not that they’d need one given the dozen air bases within 10 minutes flying time from the Gibraltar…..just saying mind! |-|

My position? Like the Falklands what exactly either the Spanish or the British want with a small, monkey infested rock on the edge of nowhere is beyond me. While I’ve never been there, I am reliably informed by ex-pats that have, that I ain’t missing much, as its been described to me as the most seedy place on the whole Mediterranean coast. I won’t mind, if it weren’t for the nagging thought that my taxes are helping fund Gibraltar and I fail to see how that benefits anyone back in the UK.

And of course oddly enough there are more Brit’s living in towns like Marbella than in Gibraltar. The Spanish are forever going on about having to pick up the tab for healthcare costs of British retirees and thus one has to question whether they really want Gibraltar back and bring in a load more of them. Personally if I was the Spanish PM and the Brits offered Gibraltar back, I’d probably gamble it away in some stupid drunken bet with Obama, or sell it to some Saudi prince for a few cans of engine oil.

And as for those Spanish fishermen at the centre of this dispute. What the hell are they doing trawling fishing nets through a harbour? :crazy: You have many thousands of miles worth of ocean to fish, yet they choose to do it in the place you’re least likely to catch anything. And its a bit rich them kicking up stink about a little corner of some inlet, when Spanish trawlers are forever invading Irish fishing waters with large factory ship trawlers. The only “support” they need from the Spainsh government is a strait-jacket and transportation to the funny farm.


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