Beware of pickpockets….particularly around Downing street!

It has emerged this week that some (clearly a bit dotty) pensioner left some £500,000 to “whoever is in government. Now when I first heard that line, I assumed it meant the money went to the treasury (as is normal when someone leaves money to the state). But then I learnt that the lib dems and tories had simply pocketed it and put it into party coffers. How out of touch can you get? I mean even the Daily Mail is furious (though no doubt they’ll blame the mistake on Nick Clegg!)

Inevitably they’ve since backtracked, realising it looks, as one labour member put it “dodgy as hell”. They’ve tried to blame the executors of the will itself (what’s the bet one of them turns out to be a Tory party supporter?) for “misleading them”. However the very fact that they divided the money on the basis of party membership hints that there was some level of actual discussion at senior party level as to what to do with this cash, which presumably must have involved some queries as to what the will actually said…and if it didn’t then its yet another example of bungling amateurish government at work.

Indeed I would point to my earlier statement, it should have been blindingly obvious what this lady meant. If she’d wanted it to go to the Tories/lib dems I’m sure she’d have said as much in the will. Clearly she was bequeathing it to the nation. But instead they stood by slack jawed as a lawyer forced the money into their hands. And then, under duress they had to sit down and decide how to divvy it up. And if you believe that I’ve got some magic beans to sell you!

I mean I know the Tories/lib dems are running scared and desperate for cash, given that opinion polls show there’s a good change of them being beaten by (of all people) Ed Miliband 88|. But picking the pockets of pensioners ain’t up there with a strategy for winning friends and influencing people.

Not least because it suggests the Tories (and increasingly the lib dems) see no difference between “public money” (that’s our money from our taxes) and their personal wealth.


4 thoughts on “Beware of pickpockets….particularly around Downing street!

  1. I think this is a tragic story -it went to pay off an infitissimal amount of nationl debt! when she could have left it to any charity do do some human good!

    She must have had dementia leaving it to the Tories and sidekick.


  2. Apparently the lady fully intended her money to go to ‘the political party in government’.
    It was her wish, her right to leave it to who she wanted to and I don’t see what it has to do with the media.
    Mind you, the Tories and Lib Dems could have shown a little more class and passed it on to help the aged or some similar age charity who could then have spent it on something worthwhile, like an all expenses paid jolly to the Seychelles for their senior managers.


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