We’re not racists but….

Now if over the last few weeks BNP leader Nick Griffin went around spray painting on the walls of London streets slogans telling foreigners to “go home” (wha you mean back to Brixton? :)) ) or Nigel Farrage went wandering around railways stations randomly telling blacks and Asians to “go back to Bonga, Bonga land”. I suspect we’d consider it typical of the bigotry we’ve long come to expect from them….and both would be currently helping the police with their enquiries.

However, it would seem the UKBA can basically do the same thing, by driving around with vans telling immigrants to “go home” and harassing black or Asians in train stations (racial profiling). One has to ask the question, are the UKBA becoming more racist? Or were they always a bunch of bigots to begin with?….

…Or perhaps it’s the enormous pressure the Home Office is being put under by the Tories to bring down net migration figures.

The Daily mail brigade think the UK is awash with immigrant. Actually as I reported before its closer to only about 11% being “foreign born” and actual immigrants represent more like 8% of the UK population. Only a tiny fraction of immigrants (or foreign born) ever claim any form of benefits and there is no link between them and crime. Oh…and contrary to what this member of the Australian racist One Nation Party thinks, Islam isn’t one country! :crazy:

And its not as if British don’t immigrate to other countries. Some Spanish towns such as Marbella have more British living there than in Gibraltar. Go to America, Australia or NZ and you’re tripping over brits. What if everyone else adopted the same policies towards Britain as UKIP or the Tories advocate?

Of course there are a small minority of immigrants who do enter the UK for “less than honest reasons”, however its not as if we’re short of criminals and fraudster Brit’s (just look at the banks ;D). But I worry that in the interest of chasing Tory targets the UKBA is going after easy pickings, generally that being the law abiding visitors to the country and largely ignoring the ones who they should be stopping. After all, its a lot easier to stop someone coming in who enters legally and applies for a visa in advance, than someone who arrives on the back of a lorry or train from Calais.

Indeed the UKBA has been accused of not properly processing those who they or the French catch trying to enter via France (making it harder to trace them if they try again and succeed). Similarly, they failed to perform proper checks at airports back in 2011 in order to meet Tory spending cuts. There’s also the small matter of the so called “Lille loophole” which they are doing nothing about. They have also been accused of failing to check up on 120,000 police tip off’s of possible illegal immigrants and are making no effort to trace an estimated 100 war criminals within the UK (oddly Tony Blair isn’t on this list ;D ).

By contrast consider the pressure the UKBA is putting on Universities. Now the thing is I’d question if we should count students as “immigrants” as this would imply they plan to stay in the UK long term. Most tell me they’ve already got jobs lined up back home. Others tell me that while they won’t mind staying in the UK a little longer after graduation to improve their English and get some work experience, few ultimately want to stay, as in many cases they simply don’t like the UK with its damp climate, boozy street culture and bland food (in which case, stay away from Ireland, we’re wetter, boozier and you can’t get more bland than Irish stew :)) ).

Similarly, UK companies often need to hire professionals from overseas. As I’ve highlighted before in the globalised world business has become increasingly internationalised and companies can’t afford to adopt the same views as the bigot brigade from UKIP. If you need an expert in superconducting current limiters ( a request in a job advert I read the other day) its not as if you’re going to find someone down the local job centre who can do that. No, you’re likely going to have to cast your net a little wider. Of course those same professionals tend not to be tied to one country (much like the many roving British professionals worldwide) so few will ultimately stay in the UK. And it’s not as if well paid and tax paying employees are a burden on the UK’s finances.

Of course the economic implications of harassing professionals or students just so the Tories can make immigration numbers look good, is lost on them. They don’t seem to respect the importance of universities to the UK economy (and how difficult it will be for us to function if we can’t recruit students and staff from overseas). Many UK universities already have overseas campuses, so the danger is they’ll move courses and research overseas. Similarly if companies can’t recruit here, the danger is they’ll move production overseas also.

Meanwhile the sorts who the UKBA should be going after are scarcely being affected. The FSA is now investigating the “bigot vans” in part because it could be considered a tad racist, but also because of the inaccurate claims they made about the number of arrests. They claimed 106 arrests in “your area” when in fact it was total arrests in several districts (so your area seems to cover the whole of the Midlands!) and not all of those were ultimately prosecuted. So in short the chances of an illegal immigrant being caught under present Tory policy is somewhere between slim and zero. Not unless they are willing to spend a considerable amount of money to fund proper border controls (which of course they won’t do as they’d then have to put up taxes).

Meanwhile Liberty took a dig at the Home office by driving around Parliament with a van and advert of their own.

In short all the tory policy is achieving is creating the illusion that the UK’s immigrant issues are being dealt with, keeping Daily Mail readers happy, when in fact they are doing nothing of the sort. They’re merely harassing a lot of law abiding people…many of them British!


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