What planet are these people from?

In the US the Republicans/Tea Party are trying to slash the US budget in a manner that would make Osborne look like Peewee Herman v’s leatherface from the Texas chainsaw massacre.

For example, they are attempting to cut a host of welfare programs just as deprived areas of America (such as Detroit) are going bankrupt, with many Amercians still living in tent cities. They want to slash subsidies to public transport (to an extend that it may bring down Amtrak, ending US rail passenger travel across most of the country), cut a third off the EPA’s budget and end subsides to renewables (just what’s needed with another oil rig exploding in the gulf of Mexico) and slash spending on US army veterans (how patriotic, I wonder how many will be stupid enough to sign up next time the GOP starts a war for oil?).

I could go on, but perhaps what’s more relevant is what they aren’t prepared to cut. Naturally the defacto subsidies to fossil fuels, which as I described in a prior post vastly exceed those to renewables, of course remain. The US military budget remains intact and they are not only still committed to a Moon base but also want one on Mars too! 88|

One has to legitimately ask which planet are these guys living on? :crazy:

I mean I’m actually pro-space exploration (watched too much Star Trek as a kid). But even so, life is about priorities. If the US deficit crisis is so damn serious as they claim, I’d rather spend that money doing something important, like taking care of those Detroit pensioners or looking after US army veterans or protecting the environment or stopping Florida or New Orleans being swept into the sea next time a big hurricane comes to shore.

Furthermore, as I touched on before (with regard to Newt Gingrich’s support of a Moonbase) one has to consider whether such proposals are actually achievable or just pure fantasy.

The Republican party are in short, so far removed from the reality of day to day life in America it is difficult to comprehend.


One thought on “What planet are these people from?

  1. The scandal of big US corporations and their unwillingness to pay tax is also a weight around any Democrat president’s head. So much for patriotism. Republicans don’t give a stuff about their fellow Americans if they’re poor.


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