That’s not the way to do it

Not been blogging for awhile, too busy and too hot! :p: The operating manual for Irish people clearly states that one should not heat above 30’C or else you’re Irishman will become irritably and slow down. Its consumption of fluids (notably alcohol) shall also increase substantially :)).

The other week the UK ran into “issues” with the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg (again!), this time over whole life tariff’s for multiple murderers, prompting yet another tabloid feeding frenzy.

However, as I’ve pointed out before this is as more a failing of UK law than anything to do with Brussels. You would think if you read the tabloids that the rest of Europe do not have dangerous Islamic preachers they want to deport, violent criminals they want to extradite and for that matter lock up and throw away the key after the trial. And indeed the other European countries are able to do this, as I highlighted with regard to the deportation of numerous rogue Islamists by France a few weeks ago. If these countries can do it why can’t the UK? A bad tradesman blames his tools and a bad government blames foreigners for all its problems.

Again if you read the tabloids you’d swear Europe was run by a bunch of fluffy tree hugging liberals. Alot of brits don’t seem to realise that many Europeans are actually fairly conservative. There are as many EU states with right wing governments as left wing ones. Angela Merkel for example is head of the Christian Democrats, a fairly pro-business and generally conservative party (the sort of people who don’t find Fawlty Towers “the Germans” episode the least bit funny). Switzerland only made divorce legal in the early 80’s while it was the mid 90’s before divorce was legal in Ireland. Indeed it was also the 90’s before homosexuality became legal in Ireland (that’s not gay marriage, I mean it was technically illegal to be gay!). Abortion was only allowed in Ireland as of last week and a number of other Catholic countries within the EU (notably Poland) have similar restrictions. I would note that I’m not advocating these policies, merely pointing out that Europe is a fairly conservative place, one where the Tories, if they took the correct attitude (as opposed to going all Daily Mail on things), could easily find allies.

Now if I was a Tory PM and the human rights act was becoming the major road block that the Tories claim, I’d be either trying to find ways to adapt the UK legal system to account for it (as other EU states do) or I’d start trying to find right wing allies within the European Parliament about getting the act amended slightly (as one assumes there’s plenty of others across Europe who’d agree), to allow a more conservative friendly interpretation of it.

Of course the fact that the Tories are doing neither, indeed they seem to be repeatedly running straight into this legislative brick wall and blaming the wall for blocking their path…sort of reminds me of the time I say a drunk having a fight with a bus shelter, he kept running into it and swearing, even though it was only 5ft wide and its obvious he can just walk around it! One has to conclude that either the Tories are either incompetent and not fit to chair a parish council meeting, or doing it on purpose in the hope of generating plenty of Tory friendly propaganda.

Inevitably, while option A is suspected, one has to conclude that they are doing it on purpose. They are fully aware that making Europe a key issue in the next election is the best way to set them apart from Labour, not to mention distract from the train wreck otherwise known as the economy post-Tory cuts. In short, its classic Machiavellian bait and switch.

If this is indeed the Tories tactic, then they are playing a dangerous game, one that could easily backfire on them, particularly if UKIP get enough seats as a result to deny the Tories a majority.

Furthermore the Tory plan seems to be to go to the EU and unilaterally demand the rest of the EU renegotiate its membership. As I’ve pointed out before, this is an absurd policy proposal that anyone with a clue as to how geopolitics works would know is doomed to failure. Inevitably when they come back from Europe with their tail between their legs the result will probably be the Tory party splitting or imploding.

Regardless of what you’re views are on whole life tariff’s or prisoners voting rights, British law and the incompetence of the Tory government for bringing in badly written laws has to take some of the blame. And the UK’s all important relationship with the EU should not be a matter for punch and Judy politics.


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