Photo Time

Just gotten around to going through my photos from my trip to Scotland last week. And I’ve uploaded a couple of photos onto my media page here!

As you can probably tell, the weather was excellent B), almost every day it was sunny. Of course my only regret is that the two days I got the best views, the day I went out to Staffa (Fingal’s cave, of Mendelssohn fame) and Iona plus on the way back when I did the Fairfield horseshoe in the Lakes, I have no photo’s off :**:….only memories!

Anyway, Enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Photo Time

  1. lucky you! u picked the only week of summer! I wanted to drop everything and go to the highlands last week but alas i was at work… now here in Achnasheen it is a balmy 9 degrees!


      • come now as all good scots know the midges only like the taste of Inglish blood – i’m a native and immune!

        I’m sampling the islay gin in a victoran hunting lodge – antlers an all – it has been a beatiful sunny evening here …. and balmy 9 degress is hot in these parts!

        I’m shooting stags tomorrow…


      • Shooting stags…

        Has stalking season started already? Which estate is it on by the way, Letterewe? Been out that way myself (not stag hunting mind!), nice party of the country, but ticks galore…especially on deer! Bring a pair of tweezers for the bath afterwards!


      • Never see the point of hunting myself. I understand why they do it, too many deer is bad for the highland environment & the locals gotta earn. But sit around in the cold being eaten alive by ticks and midges or crawling through damp heather just ain’t my cup of tea.

        That said, taking good photo’s of deer can be as challenging!


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