Just cos you’re paranoid….

I made mention last week of the wee scandal involving NSA and MI6 snooping on us all, sort of Big Brother is watching you…even when you pop sort of stuff.

Of course both the internet companies and the government have been very quick to deny everything. We’re not spying on you says William Hague, and we don’t allow backdoor access to the NSA say’s Google and Facebook. Could we see some evidence to prove that?well actually no that’s classified! :no: I’m presuming nobody in the NSA has ever read Kafka!

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden, aka the-guy-least-likely-to-qualify-for-life-insurance has been banned from entering the UK. Not officially of course, no the government apparently sent an e-mail out to the airlines not let him board any flights, failing to remember what it was they had a beef with him over (i.e. that e-mails aren’t secure!).

Now, I would be on the fence as to whether or not Edward Snowden was telling the truth or just another in a long line of “conspiracy” hoaxers, but the reaction of governments, much like their reaction to wikileaks a few years back, sort of seems to back up his story.

I mean if he was a dirty low down hoaxer, surely the UK government would want him in the UK (so that they could arrest him). However, it seems they don’t want him here likely for fear he’ll be “terminated with extreme prejudice” (and I ain’t talking the sort of prejudice in the Daily Mail…much worse than that!) by certain fellows from the CIA in Heathrow and that might kind of look bad, much like the death of Gareth Williams (you know, the guy who, if the government is to be believed, wiped his flat clean of finger prints, removed all incriminating or dangerous items from his house, put the heating on full blast in summer and then sealed himself in a duffel bag in his own bath!) a couple of years ago.

And Speaking of Conspiracy Theorists…
Meanwhile, with the Bilderberger group meeting in….Watford (hardly the sort of place you expect world dominating super-villains to hang out, then again, there is a recession on!) drew many conspiracy theorist types to UK shores like moths to a flame, notably Alex Jones. The BBC actually had him on for an interview, during which he basically undermined much of his own argument by going batshit crazy :crazy:

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against Alex Jones, he’s sort of the modern day equivalent of a court Jester, who says the things others at court aren’t willing to say out loud. However he comes with two major character flaws:
1) He’s not as funny as a court jester, if people are laughing, they are generally laughing at him, not with him!
2) He’s nuttier than a Granola bar. I mean he makes the guys on speakers corner look vaguely sane!

But as the saying goes, just cos you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you! This should be the motto these days for large chucks of the Internet!


3 thoughts on “Just cos you’re paranoid….

  1. yeah you could almost think dear old alec was part of the conspiracy – i mean if he was less nutty poeple would take him more seriously so he could be working for htge govt! lol

    thing is he makes a good living out of his own hysreria


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